Building Sets

written by Mike Brent

I wanted to get this chapter uploaded, even though all I have so far is a collection of links. We'll be adding to it as time goes by... if anyone knows of any other sites or threads from the message board that should be added, by all means contact me and let me know. Most of what I've dug up thus far is in the model railroad terrain/miniature gaming arena, except for a few threads from the board which deal more specifically with stopmotion setbuilding. Keep in mind, as with any skills involved in the eclectic artform of stopmotion, you need to be diligent... seek out related knowledge in other areas and try to figure out how to apply it in stopmotion. For example.... one technique for making model railroad terrain involves layering sheets of styrofoam and cutting contours to make hills. If you're going to do that for a stopmotion set you'd want to find a way to get your tie-downs through it, or leave a flat "trail" where the puppets can walk.

So, with no further ado, here's another concentrated burst of Link-A-Mania!

(EDIT:  Many links have been removed from the original page since they were no longer active.  The following links still work as of July 2012)


Scenic Woodlands terrain products from Oak Ridge Hobbies

Tips and Tricks at Hirstarts

Making a stone building - Hirstarts 
They sell miniature stone molds... very small for us, but good tips on construction

Hirstarts index page Many more great tips here

Tools and materials for terrain work at Last Alliance (wargaming)


Weathering models aimed at plastic combat model kits... using styrene

Weathering with pastels
Miniature painting and modelling guides index at Huge site filled with great info


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