If you love stop motion, please go vote for this show!

Brand new Adult Swim pilot Übermansion staring Bryan Cranston is now online and looking for your vote! If you love stop-motion and wanna see more of it give it your vote love! Thanks!


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I love bryan cranston and love stop motion... this is my chocolate!!

and its really funny to boot!


AGREED Crazy Chris!  The animation is really nice too!  I hope this gets the greenlight and we see a full series!

I absolutely hate this kind of show. Postmodern, ugly, harsh and shrill - it's basically reality TV taken to more of an extreme done in stopmotion. 

But I rated it 5 stars so the stopmotion community might have another show to support them. Everyone should do the same, whether you object to the content or not. The way I see it, Robot Chicken is the Gumby of our ugly times. Not in the Christian, good values way of course, quite the opposite, but I mean it's the farm team for stopmotion animators - a place where they can do what they love and earn a living at it, keep their skills sharp and keep pushing advances in the art form, and then because there's a Robot Chicken when a major production is gearing up there's a pool of talented animators and fabricators etc to draw from for it. The same way Nightmare Before Christmas drew from the talent pool on Gumby and Davy and Goliath. 

I guess Moral Orel was the Davy and Goliath that best represented these times we live in, but it's over now, and maybe this show can help the stopmotion industry expand. 

I haven't had a second to check it out yet, but, sight unseen, I feel Strider has summed up my opinion as well.

Alright, I watched it. Incredibly high production value, incredibly low morality standard. I'd rather see it the other way around. Seriously, is this the sort of thing that the world needs more of? Imagine the influence of a nationally broadcast TV show. To put such talent to work to produce, uhhhgh! It's not even worth disgusting, er, ah, discussing.

Adult swim? Not even Adolescent wading, more like drowning in the shallow water.

Just my opinion, of course, so ya'll can hate me for being a hater.

Man, I always seem to post stuff that most replies don't care for...haha.  I really love this kind of stuff and I'm an old schooler, maybe not by my experience with doing actual stop motion animation....but for the fact that i'll be 41 in a few weeks...hahahaha. 

I'm hoping to find work on something like this, since this seems to be the most abundant type of work for stop motion right now.  As Strider said it does build a talent pool that can be used when the bigger/better projects come along. 

I see this stuff as job opportunity, the same way I would in cg....yeah, i'm a cg guy too...haha.  Sometimes you don't love the projects you take, but you have to feed your spouse and kids.  So to the more old school guys who don't really approve of this stuff, are you making a living from stop motion or is it your passion/love/hobby?  I'm in no way trying to be disrespectful, just trying to understand the viewpoint you have toward the stuff.  Like I said, to me I see it as more jobs for stop motion animators, fabricators, etc.  The more this stuff catches on as a viable medium to the money holders, then the more other studios will want to get involved, thus creating more jobs all around.

I feel like I'm going to be ousted from the community after this.....

"I feel like I'm going to be ousted from the community after this....."

Oh not at all!! I may personally detest this kind of sick degrading humor but I have no interest in trying to silence people who do like it. I also have no problem with it being made. I mean, I don't have to watch it if I don't want to, right? 

And yeah, I don't work in the industry at all - I'm strictly an independent and really more of just a wanabee until/unless I actually make a film! But my interest in stopmotion is that it's an artform where I can create exactly what I want to and I'm not forced to make any concessions to an industry or producers or anybody. In other words I want to treat it as art rather than commerce. 

And I think it's simplistic to simply say 'I love stopmotion'. I could also say 'I love movies' or 'I love TV shows', but that's not unequivocally true across the board. It fails to take taste into account. It's a lot more honest to say I love certain kinds of shows movies and stopmo films. I tend to prefer work that's thoughtful and artistic rather than today's typical sick and twisted stuff that I see as a parasite on previous work that had merit of its own. 

But, if Adult Swim is going to be the only place where stopmotion has a home in an ongoing format on television, then I heartily support it, while hoping there can one day be another, hopefully more pleasant forum for it. 

Oh, and I doubt it's only older people who dislike sick and twisted entertainment, though obviously a generation raised on Ren and Stimpy and Beavis and Butthead will be largely accepting of it. 

I used to love to go across the river to St. Louis back in the 80's to see Spike and Mike and the International Tournee of Animation, which were the touring shows associated with international animation festivals - it was just the winning entries themselves shown in a theater. And it was an amalgamation of creativity and experimentalism that offered an alternative to the more polished but also more predictable and formulaic Hollywood product that saturates America. But one year there was also another venue attached - a late-night one called Spike and Mike's Festival of Sick and Twisted Animation. I believe this followed on the heels of Ren and Stimpy, but not sure. 

Well, being in my 20's and considering myself somewhat of an edgy hipster (though that term wasn't really in use yet) I thought that would be really cool and anti-establishment. So I went, expecting something even edgier and cooler than the regular venues. But all it really was was disgusting crap with no redeeming qualities. Though there were doubtless some cartoons in those early days, especially coming from other countries, that at least took a unique avant-garde approach or something that made them interesting. Nowadays of course the mainstream has ingested it all and regurgitated it as formulaic pap overflowing with toilet humor and insulting caricatures of every pop culture icon. I guess it's pop eating itself as predicted. 

But don't worry about my approval, I'm pretty unpopular myself around these parts for various reasons. Mainly because I personally like non-narrative and often experimental types of films and want my own work to lean that way, and because I like to talk about the work of Eastern European and Asian/etc animators as well as Harryhausen and O'Brien, which at times makes me very unpopular! So trust me, I know what it feels like to be vilified on this board! I may spend a lot of time here, but I hardly consider myself fully accepted! This board is really a diverse collection of people who like different kinds of work. And as far as I know there's only a few of us who dislike the sick and twisted kind of stuff, though we're probably the same handful who are regular posters here. But then again, the regulars are vastly outnumbered by the hordes of lurkers and occasional posters! 

Thanks for the great reply Strider!  I totally understand your side of the coin!  Thanks for sharing.  I wish I had been a bit more aware of stuff in the 80s, especially Spike and Mike festivals.  I loved animation but never saw myself working in the industry....I made the career switch in my 30s. 

I am really trying to focus my efforts on getting hired at Stoopid Buddies studios, who really are doing most of the stop motion TV work right now.  Just as in cg, there is more stable (longer gig) career in TV than jumping from feature to feature, which for stop motion currently is pretty far and between.  Plus their humor makes me laugh, sometimes so much that my wife leaves the room...hahaha.

I really hope you get your film finished Strider!  I will be looking forward to seeing it!  Thanks again for the conversation!

No one's ousting anybody! And everyone is totally entitled to their opinions, absolutely. And it will probably get on the air. Nothing but love here, I assure you, Dieter. 

I don't make a living at stop motion, but I do by airbrushing on t shirts. If someone wants something offensive, offensive in a negative way, something that makes the world uglier, I tell them NO. I have to live by my personal convictions, that's all.

I'm not gonna sell my soul to, what I consider, the worship of the devil, basically, and if I can't find employment for that reason, then I won't work. Life is too short, and misleading people is to me, a guy from the bible belt, about the worst thing one can do.

But that is just me, and I see the world heading in a definite direction. I personally think that it is inevitable that man takes the glory of God for himself, through arrogance and technology. Atheisim is the world's fastest growing 'religion'. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, any one professing faith in an "invisible man" or force, instead of pledging themselves to the coming great trans-human "Google god" will be persecuted in the not-so-distant future, perhaps as payback from the persecution non believers have received from believers in the past!

Really? All of this from a TV pilot? I want to be a brick in the wall of the church, try to speak what I consider truth, and not sell out for any reason. Not that I am capable of such righteousness...

Thanks!! And I hope you get hired at SBS! 

^ Heh, obviously that was intended for Dieter! People keep posting before I can finish what I'm typing, and I manage to totally miss it! 

Oh, and I forgot to say above, that when the Sick & Twisted animation festival came out, it was either the next year or maybe the 2nd year following, that the other two festivals just disappeared and only the sick & twisted one remained, because it was the only one getting popular support. I hated that fact, and stopped going after that. I feel like that trend in po(o)p culture killed something that was beautiful. 

Great discussion!! I love a good debate!!

I am 40 and although i find seth green to be one of the more annoying people in the world i do appreciate his apparent love for promoting the artform...and the fact that we seem to have picked up on the exact same pop culture hallmarks throughout our lives! I am a bible belter as well... but i am actually more offended that it seems every BIG stop motion film has to somehow delve into the occult and spiritism... i want to love LAIKA but so far they cant seem to make anything that doesnt have that stuff snuck in....im hoping the box trolls can keep its head above the psuedo devil influenced minutia... its just a shame to me that this stuff is being snuck into childrens brains...

I love all stop motion... but in my search through the miles and miles of film found on line it seems every animator and their mother is making these simple faced mocabre stories with a lonely character sitting on the edge of their bed hunched over and sad waiting for the end of the world to happen....after watching a few back to back i start to question just how much i want to continue living...LOLOL....... now dont get me wrong... i find those films beautiful... but i think i just need my pallet cleansed every once and a while...and stuff like robot chicken does that nicely...while still inspiring!


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