I was wondering, if you are blacklisted, is there any way of finding out? Also, if you correct the behavior that you were blacklisted for, are you still blacklisted for life, even though the impression you have made might not an accurate one about your character? I have heard that once you get on a list like that, there is no getting off of it The problem with that, is that forever punishing someone for their mistake is counterintuitive if the point of excluding them was to make them change their behavior. It's like a childhood bully apologizing to you and then you belittling them. It communicates to them that there is no reward for being good. It makes them feel like no matter how hard they try to fix themselves, they will never be good enough. Some people eventually give up and just become bad for spite.

I guess, it would be easier to explain my point of view by comparing it to training a dog: When the dog misbehaves and you correct the bad behavior, it only tells him what he shouldn't do. If you reward the good behavior, it tells him when he's doing the right thing, and makes him want to do it more often. Why teach him not to bite if you're not going to play with him?

This is a hypothetical post, and not intended to be personal. I'm asking for anyone in stop motion who has been blacklisted or felt like they were. It's a question I haven't seen asked in my 10 years of posting here.


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I guess you don't know... Maybe that's the point. At any rate, unless someone does something really egregious, I do not support blacklisting because it is cruel. It is a form of bullying. We are all human and make mistakes. Forgiveness is better for the soul.

maybe it is a matter of chances. if persons A and B are equally good at something, its normal to take the one who isnt blacklisted. most people dont want to take chances (specially in work) and would rather stay on the safe side.

Still, how do you find out if no one tells you? Again, sounds kind of cruel.

i dont think anyone would tell you...i even suppose blacklisting people is kinda "illegal"?

sure its cruel...but this is sadly how things are. its like the elder people who get fired because they go more often to see a doctor, cant concentrate so good anymore like younger people, need a longer time to do the same job etc...and it doesnt matter if you are working for the company for many years and have decades of experience

Something being illegal isn't going to stop someone from doing it. Just look at all the political and financial scandals. 

At any rate, as far as I can tell, I was blacklisted in 2009 for making a post about someone's invention, which wasn't out yet. I never meant any harm and had seen it where it wasn't supposed to be mentioned on other blogs, and I even thought I was complimenting him. He got mad about it and stayed mad, and said that I was tactless and pretty much finished as an animator. That's when the silence started. From 2009 to now, people who used to talk to me stopped, my Youtube popularity plummeted, and I've just generally felt like roadkill. 

If that's the case, if I have been blacklisted, then thanks for having me, and I wish you luck in your careers.

what i meant is, since (assuming) blacklisting people is illegal, i doubt you will ever hear from someone who could hire you that you are blacklisted. its like if someone confesses you arent getting the job because your religious/political belief, skin color or whatever

i wish you the best.

I don't know how anybody in stopmotion could be blacklisted. I don't really know how it works, but when you hear the stories of Hollywood studio execs shouting "You'll never work in this city again!" I think they're people who have power to pull somebody's screen actor's guild card or something. But I don't know of any Stopmotion Animator's Guild. What I mean is - the head of one (animation) studio only has the power to make sure you never work for that studio. He wouldn't have any power over what another studio does. But yeah, if you piss off somebody who has the power to hire or fire, that can cause big problems - that's true in any job, or even if you piss off somebody at a high level in school or anywhere. I wouldn't call that blacklisting though. It does suck that people in power have the ability to abuse that power, but they do and that's just a fact of life. 

Wait a minute - I just took another look at your last post. How could a person affect your YouTube popularity? I think I know the incident you're referring to, and it's not somebody with the kind of power you're talking about. In fact nobody except maybe the YouTube Committee or whatever would be able to do that - or maybe some kind of 'shadow organization'. If such organizations exist (they're mostly just the delusions of UFO fans etc) why would they care about such a silly thing? It sounds like you just feel really guilty about something you did a while back and the guy refused to apologize or let the pressure off, and you've been dwelling on it ever since and blowing it up into something much bigger than it was. I'm sure he's completely forgotten, at least unless you keep bringing it back up again. You do have the tendency to punish yourself endlessly for your mistakes or even the mistakes of others if you feel guilty about it. 

When you talk about youtube popularity plummeting - didn't you have a lot of success with At the Rave Inn some time before that? That would cause a huge spike in popularity that would just naturally taper off in a while (like when my blog was featured in Blogs of Note once and I was suddenly swamped, costing me loads in traffic since I had linked it to my website). It was my 15 minutes of fame, and I didn't like it. It brought far too many people to my blog who weren't fans of stopmotion and knew nothing about me. 

Oh, and your popularity on Youtube and your blog would suffer due to the fact that you keep shutting them both down and then re-starting them. Each time you do that people will stop checking, delete their links thinking that blog (or channel) is just gone now. In fact that's a much more sure way to make whatever fan base you have dwindle than 'blacklisting'. 


It's amazing how much things can change in the space of almost 3 years. The studio I thought I had been blacklisted from just bought several packs of clay. I wasn't blacklisted at all- and probably only thought that out of guilt for not being able to correct that wrong on the blog all those years ago. Since then, I've learned to be really vague about things and also be careful of other peoples' feelings. And, well, it's working out! I'm a lot happier, too. Stop motion is my first love...And all the dark clouds in my music just evaporated when dream after dream started coming true. The best part? I did all that under my real name! No hiding behind esoteric screennames or internet personae. I've just really been myself the last few years, and it's working out GREAT. :)

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