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I recently purchased a Canon Rebel T5 (not T5i) and I need to buy a Nikon lens and lens adapter for it. I thought that would be easy but I've been frustrated for days trying to figure out what to buy. All I want is a basic standard lens. (I was advised to get a macro lens because they're a better quality)

I've never purchased a lens or an adapter before and when I started looking for options I was stunned by how many there are of both. There aren't so many adapters but, I can't seem to figure out what one works best with each lens or if it even makes a difference. One of the adapters has a long list of cameras it works with and the Rebel T5i is on the list but not the T5. From everything I read, it looks to me like those two models are pretty much the same except that the T5i has more digital whiz-bang electronics and a touch screen and so I figure it should accept the same lenses but, I have no idea.  I do know I need a 'D-series' manual aperture lens.

I think I know what I need to buy but, I'm nervous that I'm going to waste time buying the wrong thing. So does anybody have any clues, tips or pointers that can help me?

This is embarrassing because I've been in this business for so many years I should know this stuff but, I've always gotten by with cheap equipment or was shooting with someone else's camera. Now I finally have the cash to get my own stuff and I'm like "Duh... what do you mean 'other lens'"?

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Yes, both camera take the same Canon lenses and therefore the same adapters (Nikon in your case).  They are pretty much the same though as I recall the T5 has less pixels for the LiveView display.

Awesome! Okay so I can get the 'Fotodiox Lens Mount Adapter' for like $21 USD on Amazon and all I need to do now is settle on which lens to get. THANK YOU JOHN!

So the lens I'm looking at is a 'Nikon Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8 D AF Macro', If that will do what I need I'd be happy to order both right this minute and get all this head scratching and hair pulling over with.

Ron, as I recall the lens that Nick is using is a 55 Nikon Macro.  The one in your picture looks a lot newer.  Not being a Nikon lens man, I suggest you double check with Nick to be sure.  I believe you want an AI or AI-S model (either works but the later is newer and might have less wear in a used lens).  You don't want one of the newer auto exposure/focus type lenses.  I am using Fotodiox adapters with my Olympus OM-1 lenses (including a 55 macro) and have not had a problem.  They have been reliable and have not posed any problems.


Great info, That's why I'm asking HERE. Thanks again John, this is a lot of money in my world so, it's good to have people here to count on for good advice!  :)

Well, I am in the same place than Ron. I decided buying a EOS 600D and I need a nikon lens and adapter but it is a nighmare looking for them.

Looking around I found this idea: we can put an focus extension tube. This reduces the minimal focus distance (interesting for small sets) and isolate electric contact with lens, so we could use the same original canon lens. The problem is the manual aperture ring (canon lens don't have it). Somebody propose this solution:

Basicaly he proposes unmount lens while iris is closed. My doubt is: is dangerous unmount the lens with all system connected and working? what do you think about?

John Downey is right, I use a manual Nikkor 55mm Micro lens, no auto focus ability at all since you would never turn it on for animation shots.  It is identical to this one on eBay USA, starting price $69.95 but no bids yet:

Here is another, with a buy-it-now price of 99.95:

One more, buy-it-now for $85:

It pays to search both Nikon 55mm "micro" (Nikon's term) and "macro" (everyone else's term).

I see in that photo there are aperture settings on the 60mm lens, as well as focus, so it would probably work fine.  A basic Nikon-to-Canon EOS adapter does not connect the electronic systems, so auto focus probably would not work when attached to a Canon anyway.  

I am doing a shot today with an old Olympus OM mount lens, a 35 - 70 zoom.  It's left over from my old Olympus OM-1 35mm film camera that I used to do all my still shots with, before digital.  I also have a 3rd party OM mount 28mm lens, (Sigma maybe?) which would be perfectly usable with the same lens adapter on my Canon body, but as I had bought a 28mm for my Nikon DSLR before I switched to Canon bodies, I use that one.  I think they would cost less than Nikon lenses on the 2nd hand market.

I got my adaptors from eBay Australia, shipped directly from China for no extra cost.  Looking on eBay USA, I find these similar ones:  

Very cheap at $7.50, free shipping:  ... but it says "not able to focus infinity" which is weird, because normally they do because the Nikon and other lenses were made to mount slightly further from the film plane/sensor than Canon mount their lenses, and all the adapters I've seen exactly adjust for that so the focus settings are correct.  It also says "it do not support manual exposure", which is wrong, because that is what they do all support, they don't support auto exposure.  So some problems with English translation.  Maybe I'd look at a different one that doesn't get half the details wrong.

This one even cheaper at $6.19, including shipping, and the description makes sense:

Avoid the AF Confirm or any fancy models with electronic connections, the best thing about these simple adaptors is how they disable the auto lens functions and give control to you, not the camera body.

My Olympus OM adapter is similar:

With all of these, the adapter attaches to the lens, and comes off with the lens when you remove it from the Canon body. Removing and fitting the whole thing to the camera is quick and easy, taking the adapter off the lens is a little bit fiddlier.   So if you have a couple of lenses, it's nice to have an adapter for each one, and also get a Canon EOS rear lens cap for each lens so you can cover it when it's not in use, without having to take off the adapter.  Some of the adapers have thought of this, and throw in a rear lens cap.  The lens caps should be readily available - searching just now, I found them paired with the Canon body cap for 99 cents, free shipping:   You don't need more than one body cap, but the lens cap is still 99 cents on its own.  Hard to see how that even covers the shipping.

Just looked for Olympus OM lenses, to see how prices compare.  This genuine Olympus Zuiko (their lens brand) 28mm is cheap at $20, but doesn't say much about condition, just "as is" and it has a dent in the rim.  So does my OM 28mm, camera on tripod fell over once, it makes it hard to attach a threaded filter on the front and renders it worthless, but it didn't affect the focus or anything about how the lens works, I continued to take photos with it for years.  But don't think I would buy this one sight unseen:

The next Zuiko 28mm I saw at $49 had tiny scratches on lens that would have " little to no effect on image", which isn't what I want to hear when planning to do professional work.  So I haven't found an average price for a really good one yet, to compare.

I don't know if there even is an equivalent of the Nikkor 55mm Micro in the OM range.


Unrelated, but yesterday the SMA site looked like it always has, white letters on black background, but today it's black on white.  I need those slatted snow goggles like the early Arctic explorers!  Is it just me?  I didn't change any settings, just clicked on the link to when I was last here.

Just looked for the Nikon 60mm  AF micro lenses, found the exact same photo, lens priced at $239.  Most others are a bit more, $260 and up.  So more than you would pay for the older manual 55mm micro. 

Buying adapters and lens caps online is no problem, used lenses do have a degree of risk.  I bought my 55mm and 28mm at a used camera store, at higher prices, but I took my camera along and tried them on it before buying.  I bought a 24mm online, from eBay USA which was 1/4rd what they cost here.  When it arrived, I found it has a sticky iris which makes it useless for normal stills, it takes too long for it to stop down when you press the shutter.  But not a problem for animation, since with the adapter it is stopped down before beginning the shot and never opens up between frames, so I guess I was the right buyer for that lens.  The seller said it had clean, scratch-free glass, no mould, smooth focussing action, took nice sharp photos, all of which were true, but other sellers will sometimes mention that the iris blades are clean and oil-free, this ad conveniently left that out.  Not something I knew to look for - I do now.   So maybe some questions to ask if not enough details given.

Thank you NICK! You just resolved every question I've had and provide links!!! I'll be placing my orders today.

Now I have another question... When I hooked up my camera to Dragonframe I was surprised to find that the live feed actually crops about 4.5% off the border of the frame. Is that normal with other cameras? If that's the case, that's gonna be a bit of a problem for shooting Dynamation because I'll need to put a mask on the background plate I'll be matching the stop motion into.

I took the live view and the actual captured imaged and matched them up in Photoshop to see exactly what the difference is and this is the area that gets cropped...

Oh and yes I did see that the text here on SMA was black on white for a while. That changed back but, the box you use to upload images is missing it's background now. All you see it the text over the page and that makes it hard to read because you're seeing text on top of text.

5 minutes to go on the auction for the first lens you recommended...

I WON! :)

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