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Hello everyone,

I could really use your help with my latest short film project, Echo. We are seeking completion funds for it, over at Indiegogo...

It's been a while since I have been on the boards. I have been busy for the past two years preparing to build vortex42studios. This involved moving from Scotland to Denmark, finding a suitable property, a lot of preparation work and then finally the construction itself. I'm happy to say that vortex42studios are now nearing completion!

To celebrate, I've made a short film called "Echo". It's a live-action, modern fantasy film which features stop motion animation creature effects!

I have completed principle photography, and I am ready to move the film into Post Production. However, the money I had available to do this, was recently swallowed up by the final construction bill for the studios. So, now the studios are fully paid for, but I don't have the resources needed to let me focus on Echo's Post work.

So, for I am running an Indiegogo campaign to try and raise the funds needed to pay for foley, a musical soundtrack, creature effects and festival submission costs amongst other things. And, I am reaching out to you for help. It's my hope that the stop motion community can help me get this film completed.

In the Indiegogo campaign we are offering some truly unique perks/rewards to go alongside the warm fuzzy feeling you will get by contributing and helping launch the film.

I hope you'll take a look at the campaign pitch video, and contribute anything you can - Even £5 will help - And sharing the campaign with people will also help.

After the first day of campaigning we have 12% of our target. It's a flexible campaign, so any money raised during the 12 day campaign will help move the film forward. But, the higher we get that amount to, the better we can make the film.

The music willl be made by Brett McCoy. :)

If you have any questions about the project, please fire away! :)

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Strider - I have answered your question in this video...

Thankyou to everyone who offered questions – Here is the Q&A about Echo. I hope that during the final three days of the campaign, this can answer some questions about the film, and offer an insight into the background of the project.

At this point, contributions are critical. I’m very happy with how the completion fund has been growing, but the closer we can get to the target, the more resources I have available to make this the film I know it can be. So, please keep them coming.

Announcing a new Perk/Reward! Warm Fuzzies for ALL!!!

Every single person who contributes £5 or more, to the Echo Campaign (including those who have done so already), as well as feeling warm and fuzzy inside, will receive their own totally unique, real-life, warmFuzzy from vortex42studios!

These awesome little finger-puppets are all individually hand-crafted by Ceri Woolly Monster Watling, for vortex42studios. So, get your contribution in, and enjoy that sensation of warm fuzzies, whilst wearing your very own vortex42studios warmFuzzy finger-puppet!

Link to Campaign :

A special Thankyou treat!

Here is the seventh video update from the Echo Campaign. Wow - What an amazing eleven days this has been so far... Just over one day left to go... 32hrs of clicking refresh on my browser! ;)

Please enjoy this Zip Vortex shot I made to show my gratitude for all the support shown so far, and any support to come in the following day. :)

All I really want to do is entertain people, and it is heartening to know that there are people out there looking for the kind of entertainment I can offer. Thankyou! :)

People may not realise - This is not like a Kickstarter campaign... Every penny people contribute, I *get* at the end of the campaign (minus a small percentage Indiegogo take).

So, please do chuck in a few bucks if you can - Any contribution would be a huge help!

It is with deep regret, that I heard one of my true heroes of the film world, and inspiration to filmmakers and effects artists across the Planet, Ray Harryhausen, has passed away today.

As this campaign comes to an end in the next 15hrs, today has taken on a certain poignance, and I wll of course, be dedicating Echo to his memory, and in honour of everything he gave to us over the years.

An icon, master and hero to many is gone, and this is a very sad day.

Ray Harryhausen - Effects pioneer and master : June 29, 1920 - May 7, 2013

Today we have suffered some very sad news, with the passing of our hero and inspiration, Ray Harryhausen. However, I’ve seen such an outpouring of appreciation for Ray and his life’s work, that it’s clear today is a day for celebration of his legacy.

With that spirit in mind, I must return my focus to the completion fund campaign for my Echo short film. There are only 12 hours left on this campaign, and I have to ask for your continued support at this time, even though we’ve received sad news.

This film would not be happening if it weren’t for Ray’s very definitive impact on my life, when I saw his wonderful films as I grew up as a wee boy in Scotland. Films that have been constant companions to me throughout my life… Like good old friends, I could always count on.

Every penny this campaign receives will be put to work getting stop motion creature effects up on Screens again… Helping preserve the craft that was so masterfully exercised by Ray Harryhausen.

This campaign has been happening for the past 11.5 days… And in the last hours, we heard of Uncle Ray’s passing. In our sadness, we must push forward… After all, there is still work to be done!

If you can contribute, please do :

Amazing how far we’ve come now

There are only SIX HOURS left … It’s time for the hard sell… ;)

We *need* your assistance, with this Indiegogo campaign to raise completion funds for Echo, a short live-action, contemporary fantasy film featuring modern, advanced, STOP MOTION creature effects.

We need your financial help to raise a good completion fund, so that we can put every effort into making this a fitting showcase of modern stop motion creature effects, AND a fitting tribute to Ray Harryhausen, who sadly passed away today.

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE… Even if it’s only a couple of bucks/quid! Every penny will go towards putting great stop motion creature effects on the screen!

PS : If you've already contributed, PLEASE, try and convince someone lovely to do the same. There are warm fuzzies for all! :)

We've reached end of indiegogo campaign for Echo! Over the moon with result! Film can be finished now! Thankyou everyone!

I'll post a more complete update about the campaign, later today.

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