Hey guys! I know from experience that you can mix existing colors of Plasticine to get clay to get new colors. Do you guys know how to make flesh-colored clay?

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The problem is that there is not just one Flesh tone. Since we don't make a layer of flesh for a character, the color of "Flesh" is going to be whatever corresponds with the nationality of the character. It's not a "one size fits all" thing and there are many, many variations.

This book will teach you how to mix the colors required to create every skin tone there is.


I make Beige-Flesh colored clay as well. 

Here's a pic from another thread: 

The clay weighs 35% less than any clay you'll find.

I went to Marc's store to order some Peach and Light Peach Puppet Putty, the closest I could find to flesh colour. Thought I would try it as a sculpting mexium, even though I am not a clay animator. The light peach actually looks like a darker colour than the peach in the photo, is that right? Price is reasonable at $9.98 per block, but unfortunately the shipping costs to Australia for my 2 blocks of clay were $38 regular mail or $50 express, which is too much. It looks like a great option for everyone is the US though, hope a lot of you try it and give some feedback on how it worked for you.

I'm a little bummed that we can't figure out the shipping thing. International shipping kills any hopes of not being land-locked to one region. But that very same issue happened before, with other clays- hence the finding of those clays and realizing that if I wanted anything like that in the U.S., I'd have to learn to make it myself. 

For all of you international friends, all I can think of is to recommend what you have there, that is similar. The closest thing, although it won't be exactly the same, is Jovi, which is rare if not nonexistent in the U.S. Or, you could get the E-Book, Making and Improving Modeling Clay, and have a go at making your own variation.

The Light Peach is comparable to Golden Ochre. Sort of a tan beige color. At the moment, I think the shipping issue is truly hurting us as we haven't sold any. But I also noticed that Marc hasn't sold any of the other clay he carries. Same issue applies. Cost of shipping. If it becomes too much more of a roadblock, I'll probably just write an update of the book with the formula in it. But that would be the last resort and would definitively mark the end of trying to move it as a product. The nice thing about E-books, is they don't have to be shipped, so what you're paying never changes. There's risk in digital distribution, but there's risk in everything. Why not take the leap of faith?

Here in Australia the best option is probably Van Aken clay which can be melted and mixed to get whatever colour you want.

It's a little hard to find, for some reason it's always called 'Leisure Clay' and the name Van Aken is never mentioned until you look at the photographed label (no, I don't understand either).

I get mine from Barnes:  http://www.barnes.com.au/clays/leisure-clay-592


One block of Puppet Putty weighs 7 Oz, so 2 would be 14 Oz, plus a little more for the packaging.    So let's call it a pound. A small package weighing up to 500 grammes (1 pound is 454 g) would cost A$14.10 to send by air mail to the USA from Australia.   (That is $12.25 US dollars.)  By registered post it would go up to A$21.10 (US$ 18.34).  So is it really twice as expensive to send a small parcel in the other direction by US Mail to Oz?  Express Post does get a lot more expensive, it goes right up to around $60, but I wouldn't be using that.

When I look on the US Mail calculator, all I get is a price for a package up to 20 pounds weight, as if there was no smaller category.   But this is just one pound, surely there is a rate for that?  Or maybe the whole concept of mailing stuff to other countries is so alien and suspicious to the US govt that they want to discourage it?   Anyway, at First Class Mail rates, it looks like it would be $16.75 US.  

So where did Marc get the $38?  Looks like he uses Priority Mail, and nothing cheaper. And maybe he has to add something for the box he packs it in, and maybe a little more for the time it takes to go to the post office and send it.

Looking at Priority Mail International, you can send a Large Video box, with up to 4 pounds weight, for $24.75.  It is 2" thick, and I think the clay packs must be thinner than that.  

Seriously, there are times we want something fast, and times where it doesn't matter, and you don't want to make $10 worth of clay cost nearly $50 with shipping, by refusing to include the basic airmail rate in your shipping options.  

Maybe Marc could chime in here about the international shipping. All I know, is that I went to the post office and asked how cheap it would be to mail less than a pound of clay to Canada (one bar), and they quoted me $24. This was flat rate, Priority mail. Said there was nothing cheaper. I said, "for that price, I could build a catapult and just fling it over there." Wondering if shipping via drone is going to lower the price of international rates? 

Sold some! 4 packs. (Probably in the States, though). Thanks, mystery person! :)



International delivery of anything as heavy as clay is always going to be prohibitively expensive unless you can arrange bulk shipping to a foreign distributor.

maybe you'd do better by following the software example: make the recipe available online as 'donationware' and ask for a donation every time somebody makes a batch. Especially if they plan to sell it. You could also charge for telephone consultancy for people who have managed to unexpectedly paint their kitchen ceilings a strange colour or for those trying to find equivalent ingredients in other countries.

Kit- That's a brilliant idea! So you're saying, "don't make the clay available as a physical product". Of course, I'd still be doing that somewhat, because I use it myself- never plan to use anyone else's clay. Your idea would allow me to keep working at animating instead of spending any free time and money on compounding. I might just be trying to follow an old business model that no longer works...It is the formula that makes this special, not the packaging. The formula is like the soul of the product, and right now it's trapped in a physical state. What you're suggesting would certainly free it.

The trouble with selling the formula as a business model is, once you've told someone the formula, the secret is out and there's no way to stop it being passed on for free.  Without the resources of Disney's legal department to put the frighteners on would-be bootleggers, soon you won't have a formula to sell. Spending your time and money on suing people is worse than spending it on compounding.  But there is a market for a ready-made product - I know how to make sushi, but I still buy it from a sushi bar for lunch.

How about a different packaging?  When I send DVDs overseas, I use a slimline case that fits through the slot to qualify for the letter rate.   What if you rolled the clay out thin, but the size of a business envelope, or even an A4 envelope?  (Just thinking outside the square here... well technically, inside a different shaped square.)  This could help even with domestic shipping rates, but the biggest impact would be on international shipping.

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