It never ceases to amaze me what people can do on their own, with the right determination and a little bit of time. This is Junk Head 1. A 30-minute stop-motion animated movie made by one man.P

Junk Head 1 takes place after a conflict between humans and clones. The clones have been driven far below, to the lower levels of the city. Now, 1,200 years later, humans are sending a research pod down below to study the clones' habitat.P

The movie has a dark, foreboding, somewhat macabre atmosphere to it, but it's hard to accurately describe it unless you see it for yourself. Think "Alien if Tim Burton directed it." 

Unfortunately, while the characters speak in a fantasy language, the movie appears to be subtitled in Japanese only. It is unclear whether other language versions will be made available 

1 Person + 4 Years = One Amazing Stop-Motion Animation.

The creator, who goes by the pseudonym YAMIKEN, spent 4 years creating this dark post-apocalyptic story. The movie will potentially be the first in a series, depending on its success.P

YAMIKEN has rented a theater in Shibuya where the movie will be shown for one day only. The price of admission is ¥500 (Roughly US$5.07) and YAMIKEN has announced that audience members pay when they leave and that payment is optional. (That's right: if you don't like it, you don't have to pay.)P

Aside from a trailer, YAMIKEN has also posted the first 10 minutes of the movie online (see below). After showing the full 30 minute movie to an audience.

the site where i found it...


10 mins of the movie