Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.

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I'm an old member, but I made a new account some years ago to replace the old one.

I'm David Tomasiewicz, and I use stop-motion and computer animation to create shorts.

I'm currently finishing up college, so I'll be here more often starting this summer.

Until next time,

Stay tuned, and stay frosty.

Hey everyone, I've been focused on stop motion for the last 5 years. Before that, I mostly did flash animations. I've always been intrigued by this technique, and so far I find it quite addictive! 

As I mentioned I've been interested for a while now, and I've been referencing this site since the very beginning. 

Till now I've just used Sculpey to create all of my puppets heads. I shape it, bake it, & paint it. Everything else is wire, foam, and cloth. However, being a big Will Vinton fan, I'd like to transition into using nothing but clay. With that being said, I'll likely have a question or two, and I'm glad that I finally joined the forum! 

So greetings everyone, I look forward to meeting you guys!

Hello all.

Name is Zed Steuer, have recently been interested in getting back into doing art, and lately stop motion animation.

I have a BFA in Animation but never really done anything with it, mostly done illustrations. Then life decisions happened and I swung out of my creativity mind set. Just recently I have been getting back into the creativity swing and picked up stop motion animation. I have done stop motion in college and really enjoyed it and figured I could learn a new skill or two from it. I also do enjoy photography as a hobby, win/win right?

I am currently in the process of making a stop motion animation project and also making my own figure with a custom armature that I am building my self. So I'll be asking plenty of questions on here!

Um hello I’m silver (nick name anyway) I’m uh obvisally new here but ive had my eyes on here fer a while Um I’m new to stop motion but I’ve always been fascinated by it from a young age I mainly do a lot of monster masks and creature costumes and recently by um.....2 or 3 years getting into writing scripts and vids to music I have multiple short story scripts in the process of being written pretty much done and the general idea started XD I have a lot of music vids written down I never really plan on showing anyone my films except fer freinds and family but I’ve bought dremel pieces to start making my own ball and socket pieces and am slowly getting things up to start building my puppets I originally sculpted some of the main puppets for one animation but i think I’ll just resculpt them and make them nicer. I tend to screw myself with the scripts like wanting a large bar scene with multiple people or a massive village XD but I refuse to cut it down. Um I recently decided to follow my love of making creature costumes as a career and maybe making stop motion puppets and films will be in there as well I don’t sadly have anywhere to film yet so I can make the puppets but I can’t film XD sadly I need money as well ;-; but mark my words one day I’ll make my own studio to make my monsters and film all I like XD but ya I’ve always been fascinated by my creatures coming to life before my eyes be it my creatures or the puppets so I’ve sorta just fallen in love with these things and honestly no regrets so uh yea sorry for the crappy writing and my babbling 

Im new to the stopmotion universe. I do it for fun, to entertain kids and adults and to adress social and political issues. I did a short film with clay a few weeks ago and now I work on an animation with sculptures, plants and my hands. I'm having a lot of fun even if I still struggle on the technical level!

Hi! I'm Royce, or you can call me DragonRoyZ. :D

I'm not a stop motion school graduate. I just fell in love with stop motion. I'm not sure if action figure stop motion is allowed here, because in Facebook some group kicked me out bec they don't like action figures stop motion. I thought anything is the same with stop motion. I didn't think there are superior kinds of stop motions. I just left to avoid toxicity. lol

It's just a new hobby I bumped with a couple of years ago. I'm doing stop motions mainly with action figures at the moment. It's been a challenging hobby for me. I thought joining a forum would be fun to meet new people like me who love stop motion.

I also have a YT channel where I usually upload my videos. Most of my videos are unboxing stop motions, fighting sequences, random ones.

I started doing stop motions when I started collecting these articulated figures I have. It gives me a sense of fulfillment when I see my action figures move on the screen, and make them feel alive on their own.


Hi everyone! It’s me star!

I have always loved stop motion, but never actually had a chance to practice the craft until just recently. 

I want to do something with this craft, but nothing really has come to mind, I have been practicing with a 9cm tall action figure for a bit which has its share of challenges. I’d really want to work with armatures and a puppet, however I am not great at crafty stuff let alone trying to sculpt, mold or paint something. That’s got to change.

So I’m here to learn and improve! Seems like a great community!

Stay safe guys, cheers!

Hello, I'm a french animation student trying to experiment all kind of techniques in my film (sorry if my english isn't very good) ! I mainly do low-budget, short experiences for now but I'm also looking to get a more sophisticated look on my next works. I love short films and all kind of weird cinema !

Right now, I'm making my first steps in stop motion animation. I hope to share my mistales -and good surprises- in here !

Jeff Farley. Though I earn a living in the makeup effects industry, I’ve had an interest in stop motion much further back with the 1971 release of the film, Equinox.

Since I grew up in the La Crescenta/Glendale area of Los Angeles and after I had met Jim Aupperle, Steve Czerkas & Bob Costa and I became friends with Famous Monsters editor Forrest J Ackerman, who then introduced me to Ray Harryhausen, Jim Danforth, David Allen and Dennis Muren (who all lived nearby). I found out that Equinox had been shot in the area I grew up in and the various locations were places I had been visiting since I was a kid.

Since Equinox was the film that got me interested in stop motion... boy, did I bug Dave, Dennis and Jim... lol!

They each were great about answering my questions.

Though I am not an animator by trade (though I was involved on The Primevals with Dave as makeup effects supervisor over in Romania back in 1994 where I did get the honor of portraying a number of hominid roles and shadowboxed with a Lizard man that would be added later), I have been playing around with the one model I’ve fabricated, a Laserblast alien. Currently, I’m in the process of sculpting a studio-scale replica of Taurus from Equinox.

It always comes back to Equinox... lol

Hello!  I’m Julian.  And I’m currently in the throes of trying to set up a post production company for low budget and independent filmmakers.

Something I want to offer is a facility for shooting models with motion control (and elements for set extensions)

I want to get built a rig with a boom arm and on a track with axis for camera movement and focus.  Movement along the track as well with hopefully a synchronised model platform.

I have been searching for help in regards to this and happened upon your site.  Hopefully I can get some assistance.

Hello! My name is Lillie and I'm a new animator! I am working on my thesis film for my Bachelors in film (One month to go!). It's an adaptation of a book from the 70's by Mercer Meyer.

I am starting my own production company, like many of you, centered around independent and lower budget projects. However, I am trying to target more independent authors and musicians who make content for children. (I'd love to adapt more stories and songs.) However I write and direct my own work as well.

I'm so happy to find a community to discuss and learn with (you've already helped me so much in my fabrication stages... big shout out to anthony scott for not deleting this post in 2012



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