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Dave from Syracuse NY. I enjoy motorcycling, camping and now, learning how to do stop motion. I find it fascinating and can't wait to get better.

Hi everyone!
I have been watching this useful forum for long time and I can't be more thankful for all the people make this possible!  Congratulations for the hard work!

I do not want to extend my presentation. I am just another 3D animator who has been working in games and some TV show for 6 years... After feeling sick of the industry and to be in front of the damn computer every single day... I decided to start this new passion a month ago in my free time and learn as much as I can about animating in stop motion.

You will find nothing in my site that you don't already know, but this is what I am working on lately:

Also, this is my old games animation reel:

I am sure that I am going to learn a lot from you! So just for that, thanks one more time!!! ;)

Hello everybody!

We are Puppet Factory Games, a small indie game company working to build a game that uses the beautiful art of stop motion to bring a new world to life.

We look forward to getting to know the many talented artists here in this community, and to share and learn from one another.

Hello.  I am currently making my final year film at Falmouth University.  It is stop motion with 2d hand-drawn faces and a 2D monster. The story is based around lumberjacks who take their chopping too far and pay for it by losing what they love most - their BEARDS.  I look forward to learning from all of you.


I've been animating, mostly with LEGO bricks, for 7 years now, as a casual hobby. Now, I'd like to step it up and take my animation to the next level. This means making more professional-looking animations (aka, going beyond LEGO animation). I'm here to learn about puppet making and the advanced stop-motion process. I can't wait to get started on my next project. :D

Hi Everybody,

My name is Ted Sydor, and while I've been a member of this site for a long time, I thought I'd say "hello" to all the newer members here.  My journey in Stop Motion formally began in on a rainy Fall night in 1991, when I saw the documentary film "The Puppets of Jiri Trnka" at the first meeting of my very first animation class.  Whatever plans or ideas I had at the time changed that night, and I became obsessed with learning more about Czech Puppet Film and somehow getting to the studio named for Jiri Trnka that was still operating outside of Prague.   While working on a plastic armature (I had yet to learn how to work metal) at a sculpture class at a nearby college, I was introduced to the visiting head of Kratky Film (by most bizarre coincidence), who agreed to make introductions for me at the Trnka Studio later that Summer (if I could get myself to Prague).  

Yesterday I was sent a documentary from one of my friends and old teachers, Milan Vins; I had not seen it before, and all those beautiful memories came flooding back.  With footage taken just months before I arrived there, below is a taste of the paradise that changed my life in the most wonderful way.   

I don't get to work in Puppet Film these days, and my shop, a small piece of that mighty studio recreated here by me, sits dormant.  But there is not a single day that goes by where I don't have passing thoughts of that place, those times, and the incredible people I know there.


Trnka Studio Tour


Ted Sydor (Trikfx)

Owner, Trik Film Efffects

Thanks for posting that amazing video Ted!! Wow, I can certainly see how you were instantly captivated - visiting there must have been like seeing Willy Wonka's, with the added mystery and intrigue of it being in a foreign country steeped in puppetfilm tradition. Thank god for Gene Deitch - he's been the source of some of my best glimpses into this world, and now for the first time I've heard how some of the names I've read so many times are pronounced. Most of them are a little different from what I expected. I recognize a few of the films they're working on - there's When the Leaves Fall From the Oak and The Emperor's Nightingale plus a few more that look familiar but I can't quite place, but also a few I've never glimpsed before. Is it just on my end, or for the last few days do YouTube videos that weren't shot in HD show up only in the upper left corner when you go fullscreen? I'll be watching this one a few more times and then set in to exploring all the treasures showing up in the sidebar next to it as well. It's been too long since my last peek into the Czech puppetfilm world. 

Thanks Strider!  Glad you enjoyed it.  Don't know what to say about the YouTube settings; it seems to expand ok here.

Yeah, it was a real shot in the arm to see it; I have been so immersed in (almost totally unrelated) stage projection work (and fatherhood!) that it is very bitter-sweet for me.  I haven't been to Prague in four years now; the longest stretch, by far, since 1992.  Pretty depressing, to be honest.  As soon as little guy #2 is a little older, I hope the visits there will resume...



Hi, my name is Samuel and i started to do some stopmotion 5 years ago with some Star Wars lego... i dont make to much stopmotion, but i always try do something when i have time... i know that i need to improve a lot of things, and a forum is a nice place to share experiences and information!!! 

Hello all! 

My name is Paul T. McGilvray (Yes, the T. is important, so not to get confused with my Dad. I think Jnr sounds lame so wanna avoid that) I am 25 years old from Australia

I have been iterested in stop motion for a very long time, and never realised it until recent years of my life. I am inspired by Hnery Selicks work on JJames and the Giant peach, and Coraline, not to mention ALL of Laika's work, Wallance and Grommit, Trap Door, lots of shorts... Look, I can go on forever. 

I myself have completed 1 stop motion short, entitled "Archie, the Arachnophobic Arachnid" which is the story of a spider with arachnophobic preparing for a family gathering at his house. The film acts as a metaphor to Social Anxiety, and has been accepted into the Los Angales CineFest. 

I am currently in the pre production stage of a more  major project entitled "Goblin Soup", which is going to be a quirky children's and adult movie about some very unlikely characters on a simple quest that quickly becomes complicated. 

I still have a lot to learn and would love to share what I know, and learn more from like-minded folk who are pushing this amazing art further into the future! 

Hi there!

I did some stop motion animation back in high school (with Super 8 film). Even won 3rd place in a California film festival for animation.  Sounds impressive until you know there were only three entries! I have always wanted to try it again and it has been very encouraging to listen in on all of you at this site.


Hello everyone!

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of this community :-)

My name is Angela and I am a recruiter at Laika. I am currently looking for experienced stop motion costume fabricators that have impeccable sewing, draping and pattern making skills as well for a keen eye for detail and construction. If you or anyone you know is interested, please feel free to apply online at We are also always looking for talented stop mo animators, armaturists, set dressers, set designers, production designers, metal fabricators, carpenters and more. Please check our website for current openings.

Look forward to hearing from you all!


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