Would love to see what Stop-Motion Animated features and shorts you have acquired on DvD (and VHS..) over the years.

Here's my humble collection:

  • Bitter Films Volume Two - Don Hertzfeldt 2006 - 20011 (2012)
  • Fimfárum (2002)
  • Fimfárum 2 (2006)
  • Fimfarum: The Third Time Lucky 3D (2011)  
  • The Fox & The Chickadee (2012)
  • Toys In The Attic (Na Pude) (2012)
  • Peter & The Wolf (2006)
  • Ray Harryhausen Presents: The Pit and the Pendulum (2007)
  • Phantom Museums: The Short Films of the Quay Brothers (2007)
  • Four Short Films - Robert Morgan 1997 - 2004 
  • The Complete Works of Yuri Nostein 1968 - 1975

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Well, this topic has sent me on an all-night search trying to find someplace that sells either One Night in one City or the Nova Generace series, and I haven't been able to find either one yet, though one of my regular suppliers does carry the 1st Nova Generace disc. 

Bontonland has a lot of this stuff, though you can't find any of it using the search engine or even by paging through their rather massive animation DVD section. It's a superstore in the Czech Republic:


(the little Union Jack flag at the top right converts it into a _somewhat_ English page - it should already be selected if you use my link)

But I recall many years ago when I was assembling my collection I used the Contact button to talk to one of their very friendly and helpful 'operators' who found exactly what I was looking for at the time and said I should feel free to get back in touch any time I needed any help finding anything on the site. If I were you and I really wanted to find this, that's how I'd start. 

However, I did manage to turn it up on a couple of DVD sites, all of which list it as sold out or no longer available. 

I was able to locate it by pasting the Czech name into the search engine at Terry Posters, which turned up this frustrating page: 


And just googling randomly for the czech name plus DVD turned up this store: 


Which lists it as sold out. Weird - did it really sell out and they decided against a re-issue? 

As for Ceska Animace, Nova Generace (as well as the excellent Svet Jiri Trnka series and the original Ceska Animace series, which is classic Czech puppetfilm from Trnka, Pojar, Barta etc) HMV Japan has it covered: 


But for whatever reason they only list the first Nova Generace - I wonder if it's because the rest of them were basically turned into Fimfarum and One Night in One City? 

Terry Posters is one of the best places I've ordered from - super excellent customer service, fast shipping, easy checkout, and they take Paypal: http://www.terry-posters.com/serie/99-animated-film-dvd?page=1

They'd be another good one to contact with any questions - always super friendly and helpful. 

Woah, looks like you've trawled the deep epochs of the internet, hah!

Just e-mailed bonton / terryposters about both, hopefully they hit me up soon with good news.

It would definitely be a shame if they were indeed limited releases. One Night has to be in my top5 features. 

Thanks for the investigation-ing.

vitriol said:

Woah, looks like you've trawled the deep epochs of the internet, hah!

Heh yeah - I love doing that, exept for the part after about the first hour where the headache sets in.  

You could try ebay - I gave it a shot but did't turn up anything, even when switched from local search to worldwide. But if you'd set up a permanent search and select to have results emailed to you if something turns up you might get lucky. 

And sorry to take this thread so far afield, though the side-track is still about collecting. At least this way the thread is staying alive a little longer. 

I got my copy of One Night in One City from Terry Posters. Also live puppet film Kuky Sevrace, Barta's Na Pude (Toys in the Attic), and Fimfarum 2 I think.  I don't have Fimfarum 3 yet, I wanted to find a couple of other titles to order because the postage is more than the DVD price but is the same for a package with 2 or 3 DVDs as for one.  But just seeing F3 on Strider's shelf is giving me Czech Animation Envy so I might crack and order it...

My collection has a lot of overlap with Strider's so I won't list them all.  And a photo won't help, it's not just stopmo films together on the shelves, there are German expressionist silents, Universal 30's and 40's horrors,  Ptushko, Miyazaki, Kurosawa, and Henson films all mixed in.   And the shelves are overflowing with piles on top and some in another room...  I wish you hadn't got me thinking about reorganising Mike, I've got other things to do!

Here are some to start with, and where I got them  -

All the Harryhausen films.  Of course. ( Amazon USA.)

Wind in the Willows (Cosgrove Hall film and series) complete collection box set. From Amazon UK.

Bump in The Night series, 3 vhs tapes. (From a sale table at the shopping centre, years ago.)

Plasmo  (Anthony Lawrence, Aus kid's tv series) - from the director.

Garri Bardine's La Nounou, La Nounou et les pirates (2), La Nounou 3: La Famille s'agrandit 2 disc set. (from Chalet Films?)

Curious George collector's edition 65th anniversary - ...CG Comes to America,  CG goes to the Hospital  (Amazon USA).  Also Frog and Toad Together and F & T Are Friends included in extras.

Elukka by Tatu Pohjavirta, Mire Bala Kale Hin (Tales of the Endless Road) by Katarina Lillqviist, from www.cameracagliostro.fi 

Aardman's Shawn the Sheep, 6 DVDs with 8 or 9 eps on each, from the ABC shop (from when I worked for the ABC and got a staff discount).  Available Amazon UK with a different number of eps per disc I think.  Plus the Wallace and Gromit shorts, Aarman Classsics, Were-Rabbit, Chicken Run.

Yeah, I wouldn't have bothered with pictures either if my collection wasn't already separated into stopmo and non-stopmo. Mine also contains plenty of international cinema - Bergman, Fellini, spaghetti westerns, horror, classic sci-fi like Forbidden Planet etc. Nick, I'm sure you have many of the same ones. One of the absolute gems of my (non stopmo) collection is a recently released blu-ray of Franticek Vlacil's astonishing Marketa Lazarova. Maybe in the interest of keeping this thread going I could list a few of my best (more thoroughly than this cursory overview) - to me the study of cinema in general is important to the study of animation, it's hard for me to strictly separate the two. 

Hey, speaking of Terry Posters, remember Byrne Power, the Alaskan puppeteer/blogger (who doesn't call what he does blogging)? He just returned from his initial European trip where he filmed interviews with loads of great puppeteers and he managed to get Svankmajer and the Quays involved (their involvement was not a sure thing at any point up until he actually found them and managed to set up meetings). On his Gravity From Above blog he mentioned stopping into a tiny little hole-in-the-wall Czech store selling posters and DVDs. I commented and mentioned Terry Posters, and he said that was it, though there was no sign indicating the fact - he either inferred it or asked somebody. Just a nice moment of internet/real world connectedness that I thought was kind of cool (no real relevance to anything). He's recuperating from the trip and starting to set up the return trip next year for filming the puppet shows themselves. 

But back to our erstwile subject, good list Nick, aside from the Harryhausens there's no overlap with anything either Vitriol or I posted. Though I do also have Elukka and Miri Bala Kale Hin somewhere, and also Leevi's (Ego). I'd have both Ego and Ron's Gravity displayed prodly, but they both suffer the same fate - they're in ultraslim cases with no room for printed titles on the spine, so they tend to disappear in a collection. Or was Ego just in a paper envelope? Don't remember just now, but one or the other. 

I think since I'm revisiting my Czech collection and scouring all the online stores for them, I ought to take this a step farther and create a page on my blog with info as to which films are on which discs and where they're available. The old info on my Darkstrider site is still partially relevant, but needs updating and some additions. 

I have Ego and Gravity too of course. I was going more for feature films or collections rather than individual shorts. And I mostly left out the ones you guys had already mentioned. But there are some stopmo films you have that I don't, and a lot of non-stopmo films that I know of but don't have on DVD.

For popular blockbusters, it feels like DVDs are on their way out. But that is all I see for download on iTunes, the middle-of-the-road fodder and the ultra-popular. That is rarely what I want to keep in my own collection. I don't know if they will ever want to bother with the specialised films like Eastern European animated shorts. Much of that is on Youtube, but that's not really much of a substitute, you can't advance frame by frame. And I kind of like having the physical object, the roll of film, tape, disk or whatever, with some graphics on the box.

Oh yeah, I put in my order at Terry Posters for Fimfarum 3, and Old Czech Legends. Nice to know it exists as a real shop!

Old Czech Legends? I haven't seen that one on their website - unless you're talking about Old Prague Legends, the third one in the top row of page 3: http://www.terry-posters.com/serie/99-animated-film-dvd?page=3  (actually called Goat Story - the Old Prague Legends). Or did you contact somebody and they were able to find it for you even though it's not listed on the site? Maybe I shouldn't say this - I don't want to point out a disappointing fact. Though if I didn't you'd just suffer disappointment when it arrives and you're expecting Trnka. 

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid you ordered this:

(Povesti Stare Praha as opposed to Poesti Stare Ceske)

Oops, yes, that's the one, PRAGUE legends, Goat Story!  

No problem, I just got the title wrong, wasn't expecting the real Old Czech Legends.  But the title must have been in my head somewhere when I was typing.

I just got an email to say one of the 2 is not in stock but should be available in a week, but he didn't say which one it was. 

Thanks for your list, Nick. My "must acquire" list is growing immensely!

I think you two have basically covered all of it. Wonder if someone else here can contribute additions from their collection unbeknown to us.

Strider said:

I think since I'm revisiting my Czech collection and scouring all the online stores for them, I ought to take this a step farther and create a page on my blog with info as to which films are on which discs and where they're available. The old info on my Darkstrider site is still partially relevant, but needs updating and some additions. 

That would be excellent! I'm sure many lurkers would also find said information valuable.

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