15 Weeks Left to finish your Stopmo Jam

It's been a little quiet, so I thought I'd check in to see how everyone's progress is going? Need more time or is July 10 still doeable? I am in the final weeks of Animation on Wendell and Wild, so I haven't had time to work on mine, although I usually do the Titles. Anyway, let me know how it's going or if you have any questions.

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    • that's awesome William.. good luck with your collaboration efforts... 

    • Sorry,  typo^ most of the time will be gone during the puppet

  • I hope to click my first frame on May 1st but I am so far behind. Funny, just because you write it down on a spreadsheet doesn't mean it will happen that way. I had the perfect color coded plan and schedule that has all fallen apart like my last two puppet attempts. Sad thing is I thought I would even have enough time to shoot a teaser commercial. Still having a blast and can't wait each day to get home form the day job to work on the project.

    Glad you changed the zoom dates as I was going to be out if town this weekend but wanted to attend.

  • Yeah as long as you doing it at a convenient time 🤞  personally I think probably I'd find that useful.. 

  • I was thinking of having a quick Zoom mtg next weekend if anyone is interested in asking questions about Stopmo Jam 4. Let me know if that is useful to anyone and I'll set it up.

  • Yeah we all juggling aren't we.. busy busy busy, just like Nick, I started the 12xweek course with Justin, but I pulled out half way through, way too much pressure for me, which I cause myself, and I crashed, so put that on hold for now, I been trying to focus on this Jam4 since then, well I have been doing lots of tests, and I thought I was getting somewhere with my idea, I am, but it lacks any narrative structure, maybe too abstract, but now I'm thinking I need to go a different direction, but got to be careful here as we all have limited time, I always find even if you have a clear idea what you want to do, it's the technical issues that will determine in the end anyway what you do, what you can get done, I've had mulitple wire puppet parts breaking on me..ruins the puppet then, start all over again, doing my head in lol,  I'm considering buying a ball&socket next, but then that's got technical issues trying to dress it.. this isn't easy, but it's fun trying to challenge your own limits, if that's the idea of fun, but as long as you got passion and drive guys, lots of things are possible... I've lost mine this past week, so easy to get derailed from your focus even when you got plenty of time to dedicate to this, which I have, but it's too easy to make up excuses not to do it.. especially when things are not going well enough..   anyway, I rammble.. question for Anthony or anyone.. does our entry have to have a narrative structure, can it just be abstract, and not make any sense, or hint at a story at all.. I think this is where I struggle most of all.. I always tend to just get into moving something... and do that to the best of my present ability.. I been focussing on getting my character across the barren ground, trying to give him some character or personality or whatever.. I think that's what drives me more than anything, is movement.. but I admit it gets a bit boring quite quickly if it doesn't have other things going on.. any suggestions?????? so just reading what Anthony said below about keeping it simple, and focusing on the main idea.. so for example can the main idea be a spaceman or whatever walking across a barran planet towards or away from his spaceship.. can that be enough.. the idea being that he's landed on another planet, taking a walk around, going exploring maybe leaving something there before he leaves.. I wish you all good luck guys, it's hard.. so many things you have to work out.. 

    • Abstract is fine, many Jams in the past had abstract ideas so you're good to go with that.

    • OK 👍

  • My alien armatron is still pretty much a stick figure with head, shoulder & lower body has some cushion - my day job got in the way. Background and ground materials need to be assembled. I'm nervous about the take whether it's going to flow nice or would appear broken. Trying to keep it simple as forum had suggested but imagination always push us to the limits 😀

    • It's easy to want to pack a lot of ideas in but it's really important to focus on the main idea, or point of your shot. Ask yourself, what is it that you want the viewer to come away with and focus on staying true to your intention. Easier said than done but it has helped me over the years.

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