Concept Doktor UBE

Concept idea and some ZBrush character development. Though I am comfy in clay now, I am a lot faster in digital for this part of it, proportions still need some tweaking.
The idea is the Wile E. Coyote type trope, "big scary space robot" that has a propensity for flowers rather than world domination and a frustrated handler attempting to give instructions out-of-the-box, as it were. 15 seconds should be adequate, and the transition at the start is something I'll figure out yets, but the end involves a thrown controller hopefully.

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  • Nice storyline!! I'm wondering about which 3D printer to invest in, and leaning towards the detailed resin print. Flexible resin ?! Sounds really interesting! I always wondered how it would be to print molds! Can you print in resins that can be baked? All these kind of info is hard to find, so please share your findings, good and not the least the bad'n ugly 🤣

    • So far I managed a resin 2 part slam mould type for his right hand, twiddled out a custom core too, and did a preliminary test with success without an armature just to see if a sponge filled mitt will come out okay. I am using creature latex because its ability to dry fast in layer build-up and an assist from a hairdryer. I am mostly trying to stick with a low budget and learn the construction and performance side before any real investment aside from time. If I went with platinum silicone, I'd definitely be thinking stone or fiberglass mould. 
      In the meantime, right and left hands will work, boots and head to try, those are 3 part moulds.

    • And thanks for the kind words!

  • I am guessing I should add to the existing post rather than add images anew...
    Seemed a productive weekend. I managed to finish out the concept in ZBrush to a point I am happy with, made a gun prop and controller device for him (the gun is not scripted other than perhaps a prop on a table in scene). So I gave him a whirl as far as a half-size maquette to show the director (me!) on the Elegoo Mars2, and managed to slap some paint on him last night. I can hold him now at least and start thinking of lighting with something that can stand in for a time. I'll try and build the robot next, but I am not too sure I'll spend resin on a smaller version of that.10018684501?profile=RESIZE_930x

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