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Hey all, it was just about 20 years ago that I purchased this domain name and set up this website in April of 1999. Over the years, it's been interesting for me to see and hear from people who were impacted from this site in a positive way. I've even been able to meet or work with a few of you out there. It has always been my desire to use this site as a way of informing, educating and connecting talented people. So, let's hear from you, if you have any stories from the past 20 years relating to this website, I'd love to hear them. - Anthony

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Thank you so much! I've learned a lot of valuable information on this website and am glad that I found this awesome community!

It's a great site and I have learned and really like seeing peoples work

Heres to another 20 !

This great website does exactly what you set out to do. It is a resource that has built over the years into something that addresses all aspects of stop motion. I have learned so much here, and check in every few days to see if there is something of interest.

Seven years ago I got properly into stop motion, having worked in television (1:1 scale!) during the analogue years. I may not have continued were it not for this site, especially during that steep uphill slog to get to understand the software programs. 

My specialty has been sculpting and mould-making, and in order to repay the debt I owe for advice so freely given I have tried to give of my own experience. And designing and building a couple of moco rigs has also been an opportunity to share what I found out.

 I think that is what this site is all about, paying it forward. Thanks.

The first time I really set up and noticed stop motion animation was around 1980 when I saw a special about how the Tauntaun was animated for Empire Strikes Back. I have always had a dream of making a creature like that come to life. Jump forward 30 years and the dream is still there and gets super fueled by recent films. Rooting around on the internet it is very easy to find some general basic information on stop motion but if you really want to get to the nuts and bolts of it you need industry professionals sharing their experiences and this website provides such a forum.

Plus I would still be sitting on the sidelines if not for the Stop Mo Jams. While neither jam had anything to do with a film I wanted to make it was enough motivation for me to get off my tail and just try something. My plans for my next two practice films were shattered when I lost my day job. However the fire still exists and I hope to animate again soon.

Thank You Mr. Scott for the site.

This site is a wonderful resource. The tutorials and networking are invaluable. Long live StopMotion!

My story: I came around 2006 during high school, and I it was almost by accident because I was not supposed to learn stopmotion and no one told me to. But I kept hearing about a specific place where many people would gather. At that time English as a second lanuage was quite basic and I felt intimidated by the vast information. Thanks to many blogs like darkstrider blog who suggested the forum, I started to dive into and felt more confident.  Eventually this allowed me to meet wonderful people who I still communicate with and I consider my friends. Unfortunately none of them have I seen in person, except for one.

It it s a great place and the starting point of many adventures. If anything, I just wished I had discovered this place earlier.

Happy 20th annyversary. SMA

This place is filled with diamonds! I got first contact with the site in year 2000 while working on my graduation film. And after that I have found solutions to my tricky problems easily from this community.

So humble thanks for keeping it up and running!

Congratulations! I’ve been a member for some time but I just now starting to take the plunge. Hope you stick around for another 20. 


This site is an invaluable resource! Thank you for everything. Much appreciated.

When starting out with stop-motion animation in art school the message board was my primary source of information and it helped me get started in a field that I'm still working in as of today, 14 years after discovering the boards. It has been invaluable to me back then (and still actually), so when I have interns or students asking me for tips on stop motion animation the first thing I tell them to do is to immediately bookmark this website and start scouring the boards! 

Hey Guys, I love this site.  I think it's great on so many levels.  I loved doing the springjam and action jam challenges.  It's nice to be able to share, and interact, and sometimes get answers to questions.. and solve problems..there's a lot of potential support on here.  Many people have inspired me on here, I hope in time I will inspire others, I just joined the online stopmotion animation university set up by John Ikuma        - - the animator guy who runs the online Stop Motion Magazine..  to do the beginners course in stopmotion animation basics... thanks Simon, for telling me about this place, and it's reasonable prices to, he's just reduced his prices, so I joined up for three months course...   and a friend on there from USA sent me a really nice message today saying how she had seen my action jam I did on here and really liked it, and wanted to know how I did it, did I use Lightbox, was it real natural leaves, or cutouts etc..  that's never happened to me before.. someone finding my animation and taking an interest.. that was nice, it was encouragable..  and she found me through this site.. I wouldn't even have any animation done if it wasn't for those challenges.. it did help me to come out of my shell, a little exposure, builds confidence, mingle with the stars like Anthony Scott, and Justin Rasch ;)

If I wasn't so busy lately I would be in here every day / evening.. reading everything.. this place is awesome.. I haven't seen anything out there that comes even close to this place.. maybe Marc Specs site is good, but not as active and evolved, I feel, as this place is..this online university that John Ikuma has set up, there's a good forum there, but I only just started, so not sure how that's going to turn out.. this place always makes me feel like there's always going to be a place for stopmotion animation.. for me it's like the public face of stopmo.. I don't have any other sources, I am not in uni.. or working in the industry or anything like that, just like most people I guess on here, it's a good social outlet / place to meet / share and interact /  get support, answers, recognition, solutions etc.. it's important, it serves a good purpose.. 

Thanks Anthony Scott.. your awesome.  :)



This site is the best! I've learned so so so much. The folks on here are so generous with their knowledge. Stopmotionanimation has for me been the best resource for how-to and inspiration for the 10+ years I've been plugging away at this. 

Thank you so much for founding this.


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