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StopmoNick commented on StopmoNick's blog post Stopmo Jam 3 getting started!
"I've made the other trick-or-treater now - giving him a black cape was essential, since a close-up on that is how I am going to start with a black screen.  Don't know if I'll do that to end the scene though, might just fade to…"
6 hours ago
StopmoNick replied to Victor Villalba's discussion How to
"Good suggestion Hans! I had to make a tailored coat with lapels, and with normal woven fabric you need edges sewn together and turned inside out so they don't unravel.  So the lapels have 2 layers of fabric, plus the edges folded over…"
7 hours ago
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14 hours ago
Hans Jacob Wagner replied to Victor Villalba's discussion How to
"The thin felt, 1mm thick, from seems to be a nice fabric for clothing. It comes in a lot of really usable colours and doesn't have the weawing stiffness that scales down so badly. I've not ordered any yet, trying to find it…"
StopmoNick replied to Victor Villalba's discussion How to
"Your costume is similar to many that I make, and yes, I know the problem! I'm trying to get a black Dracula cape to behave at the moment.  Like most fabrics, the cotton doesn't hang down in 1:6 scale like it would in full size, but…"
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Simon Tytherleigh replied to Victor Villalba's discussion How to
"I have tried all the methods you mention, and they all have their uses. For a large flowing cloak I have used interlining to stiffen it and wire round the edges. Interlining is also very good for collars as with your shirt. If you want control you…"
Hans Jacob Wagner replied to Victor Villalba's discussion How to
"One way I've seen used for animating textiles is applying a layer of black wrap with textile glue or rubber cement, to the fabric. Black wrap is a thicker black aluminium foil, used in the film industry for blocking out light on the set."

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How to 5 Replies

Hardening the fabricHello everybody! I've recently started to learn some dressmaking for puppets, and although I've more or less managed to modify patterns to fit my puppets and get decent results, I'm still having a problem with the stiffness of the fabric.I know there are people who insert wires in the hems, or glue a wire mesh on the inside. I've also read that some people use much more classic sewing methods like interlining or starching to stiffen it.I'm open to try any option, but I'd…Continue

Tags: Costume

Started by Victor Villalba in HAIR & COSTUME. Last reply by StopmoNick 7 hours ago.

how did the animator change the eyes of the puppets to look like a CGI 2 Replies

Hello guysI have a questionin this short film, how did the animator change the eyes of the puppets to look like a CGI, even though the Puppet was Stop Motion?

Started by Ameen Noman Abdo Saif in BEGINNERS. Last reply by Hans Jacob Wagner on Thursday.

Newplast clay not sticking to fabric tape 10 Replies

Hi, As you can see from the picture I'm having trouble finding a material which I can cover the ball and socket and hinge armature (mostly brass and steel) with, which the clay will hold on to, so it doesn't crack and fall off all the time as it does here. I'm currently using black fabric tape. Is there any sort of thing I can cover the metal with which will do the job?How do Aardman do it? I guess they have clothes on don't they. Any help would be amazing!Cheers,Jacob…Continue

Tags: sculpting, Newplast, Armature

Started by Jacob Lee in SCULPTING. Last reply by Mathew Lott on Thursday.

Accurate Motion Control with DragonFrame 7 Replies

Hi everyone,I'm looking for an accurate motion control in order to get clean background plates for the rig clean up.I can't go for an expensive crane so I'm looking around the option available on dragonframe website.I tried the Noxon but I had some issues. No "0" point and hard to make it right with a firmware pb. Specifically the focus module. And after two test it broke down...Then last week I went for an Edelkrone system (latest Slider Module with head plus and focus module) but their is a…Continue

Tags: stop-motion, Noxon, edelkrone, control, motion

Started by Philippe Joubert in BEGINNERS. Last reply by David Emmerichs on Wednesday.

"Soulstice" 3 Replies

Posting for a friend/co-worker. I am helping out with wire armatures. Donate if you can!

Started by Yuji in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Yuji on Tuesday.

How much to charge 2 Replies

I just made a claymation for my friend to advertise his pants that he made. It was a 1 minute long video for instagram. Since he posted it, Ive received a couple dms asking how much I charge for an animation. I haven't every really done any work for anyone I don't know before, so I was wondering what a good amount to charge is. I discussed a project with one company where there would be 2 characters in 1 set. It would be around 20 - 30 seconds long. My stop motions don't look super clean or…Continue

Started by Luke Walker in BEGINNERS. Last reply by Hans Jacob Wagner Apr 3.

Why the realness of CGI won't never be the same of a Stop-motion movie 3 Replies

Hello to everyone!For my thesis I have to explore, in the field of psychology of perception, the reasons why the character of realness in CGI's movies won't never be comparable to those of stop-motion.The specific field is Psycholgy of visual communication and the thesis is based on the fact that stop-motion animation is a form of art so special, in terms of representing realness, that CGI can't never reach it.I have also to compare a picture of a frame in stop-motion with one in CGI but I…Continue

Tags: psychology, realness, cgi, stop-motion

Started by John Bird in STOP MOTION FILM DISCUSSION. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh Apr 2.

usb controlled light 1 Reply

I don't understand why I can't find any usb leds that are computer controlled.The keyboard and the mouse I've got have both lights that are software controlled.So it should be possible - right?I would love to be able to orchestra animated lights in like dragon frame. But DMX dimmers lights etc seem so expensive and complex...Why is it that there's no USB controlled leds on the market?Continue

Tags: light, Animated

Started by Hans Jacob Wagner in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Hans Jacob Wagner Apr 2.

Blog Posts

SMJ3: Painting the set

Painting the concrete block wall consisted of first painting a base layer of gray then adding black and brown washes for depth and color. White was dry bushed on to further bring out the texture.

Liquid acrylic ("craft") paint was used throughout.

The walls were assembled using rubber bands and some wedges that define the angle of the walls to…


Posted by Dave Cooley on March 16, 2021 at 11:16am — 1 Comment

Does anyone have any experience using arri 150s for stop motion animation? I thought it was my other lights but its actually the arri which produces this flicker and occasional shift in light.  I h…

Does anyone have any experience using arri 150s for stop motion animation? I thought it was my other lights but its actually the arri which produces this flicker and occasional shift in light. 
I have tried everything. shooting at 1 second, changing fuse and bulb, covering up the back of the…

Posted by Jacob Lee on March 9, 2021 at 4:33am — 18 Comments

SMJ3: Set construction

Though having a set is not required for StopMo Jam, I am using one that will be part of a larger production later. But it wasn't built yet, so here's how I did it:

Pete Ellis also shared some more ideas on set construction here recently.

Posted by Dave Cooley on March 8, 2021 at 9:19pm — 3 Comments

Project Retro Rex Update 2

Made the proper skin texture and some tweaks to the design, and due to the modifications, this Puppet will be 1:12 Scale.

Posted by CWPetesch on March 8, 2021 at 7:34pm


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