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Hans Jacob Wagner commented on StopmoNick's blog post Halloween 30 sec version
"Wau - that makes all the difference!! I've tried to get myself to reshoot mine and this certainly helps! Nice to know there's more coming, I better get in gear. Very nice!!"
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Simon Tytherleigh replied to Devin's discussion Can I set up a minimal studio in a small space?
"Just an additional thought on what looks like a good set-up... you need something to fix down the tripod legs. In the pic one of them looks dangerously close to the edge of the table! It could be something homemade, but ideally should be adjustable…"
Hans Jacob Wagner replied to Stephen Edward Wood's discussion Reviews for "Stop Motion Pro" Software?
"But if you're in doubt of what to buy - you could give Tahoma2D a chance it's freeware. And can do everything you need to begin with!! And a hell lot more...."
Hans Jacob Wagner replied to Stephen Edward Wood's discussion Reviews for "Stop Motion Pro" Software?
"I had a conversation going with Poul at Stop Motion Pro if it would be possible to buy a national wide licens for use at schools in Denmark. And we went quite far with it. I made a UI incorporating the logo of the Danish film institute, but the…"
Anthony Scott replied to Anthony Scott's discussion HALLOWEEN is the theme for STOPMO JAM 3. Deadline is SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
"I will probably announce another one early next year after I get the site updated. "
Tony Mitton replied to Anthony Scott's discussion HALLOWEEN is the theme for STOPMO JAM 3. Deadline is SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
"I just started getting interested in stop motion again after a few years. I wish I particapated in the Halloween Jam. Are there plans for another one in the near future?"
Peggy Bourgeois replied to Anthony Scott's discussion HALLOWEEN is the theme for STOPMO JAM 3. Deadline is SEPTEMBER 18, 2021
"I had to look up what an angler fish is….creepy. Enjoyed your making of, I realized I should have made a making of video when I was animating the last shots. "

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Can I set up a minimal studio in a small space? 18 Replies

Hi all,I've been lurking a bit and I really appreciate the breadth of knowledge people are sharing here!I'm looking for advice about setting up a small space for a beginner to work through the full process of stop motion animation. My partner is an accomplished artist who's been wanting to get into stop motion for many years. She has all the skills and experience she needs to set up scenes and make puppets and sets, the problem has always been getting space and equipment for a production. We're…Continue

Tags: lighting, Stage

Started by Devin in BEGINNERS. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh on Saturday.

Reviews for "Stop Motion Pro" Software? 5 Replies

Greetings,I'm currently creating a portfolio for a master's program whose software arsenal includes "Stop Motion Pro" for those who choose stop motion animation as the medium for their thesis.  I was wondering if anyone on the site has used this software, and if so, what your thoughts are about its quality.  I appreciate the feedback.-  SP.S.Here's a link for the software, if you're curious:

Tags: Software

Started by Stephen Edward Wood in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by Hans Jacob Wagner on Friday.

HALLOWEEN is the theme for STOPMO JAM 3. Deadline is SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 144 Replies

Get ready for STOPMO JAM 3!This time the theme is everyone's favorite stopmo time of the year: HALLOWEEN!So what is a STOPMO JAM?It is a series of short animated ideas that all relate to the theme. We've done Spring and Run in the past, this time it's Halloween!Puppets can be made of clay, paper,…Continue

Started by Anthony Scott in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Anthony Scott on Friday.

Animation timer tool for iPhone 10 Replies

Hi all,At Röda roboten animation we have developed a tool for planning animation, especially stop-motion which is what we do most.It's an animator's stop-watch, but it also records the motion of your hand (the rotation) so you get a graph, much like a curve that you usually sketch on the x-sheet. It shows your motion exactly, with the speed and acceleration on every frame.If you think this could be useful in your work, have a look here:…Continue

Started by Staffan Erlandsson in ANIMATION TOOLS. Last reply by Hans Jacob Wagner Oct 15.

Preview of New Website Design 7 Replies

Ning, which hosts this site, has been wanting me to upgrade to Ning 3.0 for years now. The current site operates on Ning 2.0 which has been fine, although I have been noticing that they are focusing more on 3.0. Some of the functionality of 2.0 has been lost or buggy over the years. So I decided to go ahead and start to develop the new site on the side. I opted for a more…Continue

Started by Anthony Scott in WEBSITE NEWS AND FEEDBACK. Last reply by Anthony Scott Oct 12.

Please Introduce Yourself 615 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by First City Films Oct 10.

Edinburgh Short Film Festival 10 Year Best Animation Online

It's our 10th Anniversary and we're celebrating 10 years of the world's best shorts with online screenings!We're hosting 10 Years Best Film, 10 Years Best Comedyand 10 Years Best Animation online for 1 week each during the2021 ESFF this November!From Vietnamese drama to Canadian animation you can see ouraward winners and some of the best films from 10 years of theEdinburgh Short Film Festival online only!Tickets available here:…Continue

Started by Paul Bruce in CHAT BOARD Oct 10.

Blog Posts

Halloween 30 sec version

Here is the longer version of my StopmoJam3 entry.  My idea of what would fit into 15 seconds was a bit unrealistic, so although I did manage a brutally cut-down version to submit, this 30 second version is more like I had imagined it would be.  One shot that was mainly a means to get from a black frame at the start (as required for the Jam), using the cape to fill the screen, had to be cut from the Jam version, so I used it for the title here.…


Posted by StopmoNick on October 17, 2021 at 6:45pm — 4 Comments

SMJ3: Shooting notes

The set met my expectations visually, but foam core does not stand up to animation. It bent, curled and moved at the slightest touch. It would have been better to mount it on plywood to stiffen it.

I used tungsten lighting ('cuz that's what I have). Light coming from the direction of the moon was filtered with a blue gel normally used to correct for daylight. Lights from inside the room were bare tungsten. White balance was set in the camera for tungsten. I had hoped for a more…


Posted by Dave Cooley on October 10, 2021 at 2:06pm

NEW Film idea (Let it Slide)

Hey, so remember when I talked about my film idea "AMNESIA"? Well I scrapped the script. It's gone. It's dead. I decided that I wanted to make something more original and interesting, so I started writing the script, and designing the characters for a new film that I am fully passionate about, it is called "Let it Slide". It's about a kid named Nathan who visits his uncle, who runs a restaurant that sells sliders. Nathan tries to pitch the idea of adding breakfast sliders to the menu to his…


Posted by Kevin McMillan on August 19, 2021 at 11:39am — 1 Comment

Film Idea (amnesia)

Hey everyone. I came up with an idea for a short claymation. It's plot is not entirely original, but it's still a project that I want to commit to. It's called "Amnesia", I still don't have a full idea for the plot, but I have a basic idea. I'll post more updates along overtime.

Posted by Kevin McMillan on August 10, 2021 at 4:31pm


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