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Anthony Scott left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"3D print is ok if it is your design."
1 hour ago
Tony Mitton left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"I'm kind of new to this, but I have dabbled in stop motion before. It looks like others have brought this up, but my question is, is it okay to use 3D printing. I'm a CAD disigner and my wife got me a 3D printer for christmas. The requirements say…"
1 hour ago
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11 hours ago
Dave Cooley posted a photo in STOPMO JAM 4
Trying to keep things simple. For me, this means cheap and not too much investment in time. I want to focus more on animation for this Jam and not props, sets and puppets.These rockets are made from materials I found in my workshop scrapbox: PVC…
21 hours ago
  • Hans Jacob Wagner Nice speedy job - it works - looks familiar and earthbased 
    18 hours ago
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23 hours ago
Anthony Scott left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"Hi Pietro, yes you can publish your animation whenever you like. As for the credits, including music, that will be placed at the end of the presentation."
23 hours ago
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James Neely left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"Greetings sir! Well, aside from the maquette and actual small props, I am going to see if I can print a test mould for boots and see what happens. Direct from printer to making boots. But I am going to order some flexible resin and see if I can get…"
Simon Tytherleigh left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"That will be interesting, James. I have done some 3D prop printing for videos. What are you planning to use t for?"
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Pietro Rotelli left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"a question. Once the video is finished and sent, can it still be published on my usual channels or do I have to wait for the general video to be completed?

And the author of the music, how can I insert it in the credits of the general film? (if you…"
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