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Hans Jacob Wagner replied to Owen's discussion making a perfect animation table
"To me it looks like some altered water pipe fittings where they instead of treading the tube has screws treaded in in the joints to fixate the pipes. Clever and a lot cheaper that normal scaffolding clamps. The pipes must be of a smaller dimension…"
6 hours ago
StopmoNick replied to Owen's discussion making a perfect animation table
"A similar system with ply, and scaffolding underneath, at Aardman."
8 hours ago
StopmoNick replied to Owen's discussion making a perfect animation table
"Interesting, those Laika set tables with the ply cut-out windows seem to be supported on metal legs or scaffolding.  "
9 hours ago
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9 hours ago
Aela Wild posted photos
9 hours ago
Adam Taylor replied to Owen's discussion Good way to determine distant of movement
"Try starting with the length of the character's stride.  Pose your character in the "contact" pose and measure the distance between the front toe and back toe. You will have to adjust the position for the tie downs, but this…"
19 hours ago
Adam Taylor replied to Owen's discussion making a perfect animation table
"http:// Here's a link to what all of the professional studios seem to use.  The shape is very simple to build but very sturdy and has windows to put your hands through to access the tie downs and…"
19 hours ago
Adam Taylor replied to Evie Metz's discussion Tie Down tips for first timer?
"I like to use t-nuts in the feet.  I wrap the wire under and around the "teeth" of the "t" and then either glue it with epoxy or use JB Weld depending on the design.  Use a screw or threaded rod and a wing nut or…"
20 hours ago

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making a perfect animation table 11 Replies

ive decided  to  design a animation table that has more functionality then the standard perforated sheets what are some things you guys would want in a table i want to get as much functionality into this table as possible so i need lots of ideas here.Continue

Started by Owen in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Hans Jacob Wagner 6 hours ago.

Good way to determine distant of movement 3 Replies

What's a good to determine how far my character should move with each step I was thinking I'd just measure the distance determine how long I want it to take and dove that by 24 for a incremental distance am I over complicating this ?

Started by Owen in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by Adam Taylor 19 hours ago.

Tie Down tips for first timer? 3 Replies

Hi friends,Life keeps getting in the way of my animation, but I suppose that's allowed more time to think about improving my methods along the way. From what I know, tie down methods is the way to go for animating a puppet but I have never yet tried it myself. For my forthcoming animation I have planned on repeating what I did prior, which was putting rare earth magnets in the puppets shoe/foot and a large metal sheet under the set surface. As you can suspect, walking was very limited (puppet…Continue

Started by Evie Metz in BEGINNERS. Last reply by Adam Taylor 20 hours ago.

HALLOWEEN is the theme for STOPMO JAM 3. Deadline is SEPTEMBER 18, 2021 113 Replies

Get ready for STOPMO JAM 3!This time the theme is everyone's favorite stopmo time of the year: HALLOWEEN!So what is a STOPMO JAM?It is a series of short animated ideas that all relate to the theme. We've done Spring and Run in the past, this time it's Halloween!Puppets can be made of clay, paper,…Continue

Started by Anthony Scott in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by Anthony Scott 21 hours ago.

Just asking about sets 5 Replies

Do stop motion animators use the same set(s) over and over for stop motions?Continue

Started by Red Spiral Productions in BEGINNERS. Last reply by Owen on Saturday.

Jackson & Jillian - New Stop Motion Series

Hey guys! Red here, telling you all about a major stop motion project I'm going to be working on called Jackson & Jillian. It's about two detectives (Jackson Brave and Jillian Crimson) in the Red Spiral City Police Department where they must co-exist (despite not standing each other) in order to solve a series of crimes in the city. Jackson's the half human, half demon swordsman detective while Jillian's the demon detective with an itchy trigger finger. Check out the trailer below:It's…Continue

Started by Red Spiral Productions in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT on Thursday.

grass and trees 12 Replies

 i was wondering if anyone knows how they might have made the trees and or grass for this set im stumped .Continue

Started by Owen in STOP MOTION SETS. Last reply by Owen Sep 8.

Public Domain Stop Motion 4 Replies

Hi, I am working on a documentary about stop motion animation for a college project. This project will be pitched to PBS. I want to show the history of stop motion up until now. I was wondering if anyone knows of any classic stop motion films that now belong in the public domain? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!Thanks, AustinContinue

Started by Austin(aka penguinboy) in STOP MOTION FILM DISCUSSION. Last reply by Austin(aka penguinboy) Sep 5.

Blog Posts

NEW Film idea (Let it Slide)

Hey, so remember when I talked about my film idea "AMNESIA"? Well I scrapped the script. It's gone. It's dead. I decided that I wanted to make something more original and interesting, so I started writing the script, and designing the characters for a new film that I am fully passionate about, it is called "Let it Slide". It's about a kid named Nathan who visits his uncle, who runs a restaurant that sells sliders. Nathan tries to pitch the idea of adding breakfast sliders to the menu to his…


Posted by Kevin McMillan on August 19, 2021 at 11:39am

Film Idea (amnesia)

Hey everyone. I came up with an idea for a short claymation. It's plot is not entirely original, but it's still a project that I want to commit to. It's called "Amnesia", I still don't have a full idea for the plot, but I have a basic idea. I'll post more updates along overtime.

Posted by Kevin McMillan on August 10, 2021 at 4:31pm

My Production Diary for Jam #3 (H21-918) pg03 "Silicone Failures"

6-19-21 (147) - I bought Dragonframe 4 $338 (USD) with tax. Got a free upgraded license and a link to Dragonframe 5

6-28-21 (156) - Dragonframe controller arrives, much smaller than expected which is a good thing. I doubt I'll even use it since my current set up has my monitors away from the stage.

6-28-21 (156) - Since you do not need a set for the Jam, I will start working on the puppets first. I'm so lazy that I am reusing an old practice sculpt from last year. All I need to…


Posted by Steve Copeland on July 12, 2021 at 6:30pm — 10 Comments

My Production Diary for Jam #3 (H21-918) pg02

H21-918 is the working title for the production. I came up with the real title as soon as I had my idea but revealing it now would be a spoiler.

H21 for Halloween 2021 and 918 for the deadline of September 18th but I'll be finished long before that date. (this is a lie)

4-1-21 (68)

Today is my self imposed deadline to finish a costume commission. I am not finished, and I decided to do more of the project then I intended and everything I am doing is taking twice as…


Posted by Steve Copeland on June 19, 2021 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment


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