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Canon EOS R and EOS RP with Stop Motion Firmware

Started by Anthony Scott in CAMERA & STAGE. Last reply by Greyguy 12 hours ago. 1 Reply

This is exciting news for Animators. Canon's relativity new Mirrorless cameras outfitted with Dragonframe Firmware featuring HD Live View at 1920x1280. It's a huge step up. Curious to know if anyone has used them with Dragonframe? EOS R Stop Motion Firmware from DRAGONFRAME on Vimeo.See links for additional information about these cameras. EOS R: RP:'s Camera Support Page: can also have the firmware added later if you already have the camera:

Tags: Dragonframe, EOS

best way to make a magnethic stopmotion face

Started by larissa in GENERAL PUPPET MAKING. Last reply by Greyguy 12 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hi everyone! I came here to ask a question for a stop motion doll I am making. And I thought maybe someone here has a answer for me! (: The doll is going to have a rather simple face, because my expressions are going to be so simple, 2 black dots that move around and a few simple black mouths would be quite enough to show enough expression. I figured a way to do this would be by putting a magnet in the face and use a few tiny magnets for the eyes and mouth. And I’m thinking of putting a thin solid layer of clay or epoxy sculpt over the magnets in the face because I can’t really have the magnets showing underneath as I move the eyes across the eye socket region. I was wondering if anyone here knows if the magnets will still work as I cover them and what I can best use to cover them to make sure the magnets will still work. I made a little drawing on how what I have in mind, the pink spots are were the magnets are supposed to be inside the face, and the magnets on the outside (the blue one) are supposed to be able to move across the expansion of the pink parts.Continue

Using Plastiline for a puppet ?

Started by Lutchia in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Stopmotion1412 on Thursday. 4 Replies

Hello,Lately I've been experiencing making a stop motion puppet for the first time !I only have to animate the arms and head of my puppet.As a first step, I made an aluminium wire and epoxy putty armature that seems okay.I was trying to get a very detailed appearence to the hands and the face of my character, so I chose sculpt them in plastiline. I chose ivory plastiline from Herbin, with a medium hardness: thought of covering my armature with this clay too, as I've read in other forums that it was a good choice for a stop motion puppet because it woudn't dry or crack as other clays. Moreover my character has to be partially naked and I thought the plastiline's texture was nice to imitate skin.I colored my clay with a red pigment to get a pale flesh tone, and this step went fine too.Although when my I started putting clay on the armature and began moving the arm, the clay immediately cracked on the articulation. It clearly seems to come from the hardness of the clay that looks way too hard for me, but I've read that you should use hard plastiline when doing an animation puppet.I could re-heat my plastiline with a hair-dryer every time I have to move my character so this way it wouldn't crack, but I feel like this would be a loss of time...I also thought of softening my plastiline by adding some oil of vaseline to it, but I'm afraid it will be too soft to sculpt small details.I probably made some begginer's…Continue

I can't post anymore on this website, WHY?

Started by STOPMOCHESS in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Stopmotion1412 on Thursday. 6 Replies

Hello everybody, all is in the title!Is someone can tell me why i can't post any new video on this site I believe that we were here to show and share own work. Obviously i made a mistake...Please I need some help, even I know that no one cares...Continue

Puppet Clothing Continuity - How can I keep clothes from moving?

Started by Savannah Winchester in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Stopmotion1412 on Thursday. 6 Replies

Good Morning all - thanks for taking the time to read my post.I'm working on my first real stop motion. Everything is going pretty well but in the tests that I've done the last couple of days I notice one of my biggest problems is that my puppets clothes shift slightly in many of the frames.Do any of you have some tips and tricks to keep the clothes in place or more rigid - anything? I have a feeling someone with some experience might be able to weigh in.In one scene he is wearing a night shirt. I sewed some wire down the seems of said shirt, but it doesn't keep the shirt still enough in the middle or at the sleeves. I was considering starching the clothing so that it becomes a little more rigid, but I'm not sure that that would work at all.Thanks!SavannahContinue

Bearings for moco camera head

Started by Tatu P in ANIMATION TOOLS & EQUIPMENT. Last reply by Stopmotion1412 on Thursday. 36 Replies

Hello wise board of SMA! I am planing to make simple moco unit with Arduino system. I got great help from previous post about the subject and from Simon Tytherleighs comments.Things have developped plesant ways since last time I looked to this subject. Seems that it is possible to do system with ~400€! One thing what puzzles me is bearings of pan and tilt head. I am planning to make U shaped one. Have you used some axial ball bearing for Pan? Maybe something like this: do you have it without any bearings, just wax or something?How about Tilt?Thank you,-TatuContinue

Nikon Live View Issues

Started by Roo Nelo in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by Stopmotion1412 on Thursday. 11 Replies

I recently acquired Dragonframe 3.6. After watching a few tutorials, I did my first animation on it in late March, which can be viewed here on youtube. I haven't had time lately to make another till today. Upon setting my equipment up, I noticed that my live view always had noise. The focus was also pretty bad regardless of how much I adjusted the focus. However, when I took test shots, it was perfectly noise free and in focus. Is there a way for the live view to be clearer?Another issue I ran into was having a very dark live view and test shot. The lights I used were the same ones used in the animation I did back in March. I played around with the shutter speed and aperture to see if I could get a brighter image, but I was unable to recreate the brightness of my video. The only way I was able to brighten it was making the ISO higher. I heard a high ISO creates noise though, so made sure I kept that low around 200.I'm sure I'm making a silly mistake somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.Continue

New free software with Canon DSLR support

Started by Jeremy Bullock in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by Stopmotion1412 on Thursday. 35 Replies

Hi all,I'm one of the developers of OpenToonz, a free and open source 2D animation program.  I recently overhauled the stop motion capabilities of the program.Please test it out and let me know what works and what needs tweaked.  It supports webcams and Canon DSLR cameras.  The test version is only released for Windows right now, but we have also tested on Macs and it works too.You can try it out here:OpenToonz Stop Motion TestThanks,JeremyContinue

Stop motion by COVID-19

Started by Szekeres Tibor in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Stopmotion1412 on Thursday. 1 Reply

Check out my new video! A few tips against coronavirus :)http://

Looking for an On-line Stop Motion Animation Course

Started by DoubleG in STOPMO NEWBIES. Last reply by Stopmotion1412 on Thursday. 5 Replies

Hello there,I found a lot of normal animation courses (3D) and so on on Aniamtion Mentor and Academy of art.After a lot of browsing I only found only one stop motion course at Animation ATeam.Does anyone know of any more on-line stopmotion courses?CheersGerardContinue



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best way to make a magnethic stopmotion face

Hi everyone! I came here to ask a question for a stop motion doll I am making. And I thought maybe…See More

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