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What image size do you import from camera?

Started by madrobot in STOP MOTION & COMPUTERS. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh 23 hours ago. 3 Replies

Hi All. I am looking at getting a PC built for shooting stop motion and am trying to work out some things. - I am shooting with a Canon EOS 750D (may upgrade at some point in the future but this is a great little camera). - Using Animashooter and OpenToonz software. (may upgrade to Dragonframe in the future when and if I do some Arduino lego DIY mocon stuff.)My question is in relation to file sizes, what frame size do you bring into the software from the camera? I am looking at mastering in HD, so I don’t need 4k - although I could edit in 4k and then render down to HD 1080p. This might make sense also as I’m going a bit of green screen compositing stuff into Blender etc. I figure if the raw camera images are 12MP, 4K is 9MP and HD is 2MP, I certainly don’t need to be editing source footage which is 3 to 4 times the size I need and filling my storage 3 times as fast for no good reason? Any thoughts, comments and advice welcome. With many thanks in advance.AdrianContinue

Best Mold material for Silicone Cast?

Started by Zed S. in CASTING. Last reply by Zed S. yesterday. 4 Replies

Hey everyone! Newbie here on the site but well knowledgeable in animation.So I am working on stop motion project that I am certain I want to cast my figure in Silicone (what kind I still have to research). I originally had thought of Silicone Mold with a Silicone Figure and through some research found out that it can stick to it self so make sure it's properly covered so casting can separate from the mold.Then with more extensive research, I been hearing stop motion studios using polyurethane molds. Durable, long lasting, rigid, something that is catching my interest in using. However a lot of polyurethane is usually clear when applied, so now I'm a bit confused (maybe a different kind of polyurethane?). Noticed Smooth-On sells Urethane Resin, so I started looking into that. Just by look, it's kind of close but I'm still confused, don't want to blow money and end up wrong. So now I'm thinking "was something else added to the mix like a powder?".Best example of the mold is from ParaNorman and found that Adam Savage has visited Aardman Animation Studios where what looks like they use the same material for the mold. The guy that Adam talks to even states it's a polyurethane mold. Both images are included below.Again, I would like to go in that direction for a mold because I might have to make more than one cast in the future. So any advice for what material I should do or look into for a silicone figure would be helpful. Thanks.Continue

Tags: poly, urethane, silicone, polyurethane, Making

Trying to find a reliable writing service?

Started by Reyna Miller in STOPMO NEWBIES yesterday. 0 Replies

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Harryhausen 100 tribute

Started by StopmoNick in YOUR STOPMO FILM PROJECT. Last reply by StopmoNick on Sunday. 7 Replies

Today is the centenary of Ray Harryhausen's birth, so I've done a short animated tribute.  Last time, for his 90th, I focussed on the Cyclops in 7th Voyage (Walking the Walk).   This time I picked an iconic moment with Talos in Jason and the Argonauts.  But as before, I wanted to do it slightly indirectly, without exactly making a Talos puppet.   I meant to put my existing Skeleton and Cyclops puppets in as substitutes for Hylas and Hercules, but the cyclops was too small and had been modified, so I had to make a new one. I know Angus Lamont has been doing a tribute as well, don't know if there are others.  There were a lot of animators around the world doing them for Ray's 90th back in 2010, you can still find a few on Youtube by searching Harryhausen90.  Harryhausen100 tribute H264 from Nick Hilligoss on Vimeo.Continue

Water animation with resin replacements?

Started by Silver in GENERAL SPECIAL EFFECTS. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh on Friday. 5 Replies

hello I’m new to stop motion animation but I’ve bought books and watched guys on multiple topics I’ve got a somewhat gyst of it but obvisally I don’t know everything I have multiple short story’s I’m working on writing and multiple music vids I’m wanting to do and I was wanting to ask I have this one short that will include crashing waves against a rock and something swimming under the sea and Ik I could use gel ect and cgi (I don’t really wanna use cgi and I’m not sure I’m any good at it anyway) and here’s the main thing after all my blabberingI was wondering Ik there replacement used fer facial animation and splashes or water ect. I saw amazing works with dioramas resin water with details I love so I was wondering if I could make replacements of the ocean shots with resin replacements I understand it would be a lot of work but I feel like it could work anyway I’d like to hear others opinions on it. (and I’m sorry for any spelling or sentence errors Ik I’m horrid at them)Continue

Tags: opinions, resin, animation, replacements, Water

Last call for ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum!

Started by ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum in FILM FESTIVALS AND EVENTS on Friday. 0 Replies

PITCH YOUR STOP-MOTION PROJECT & WIN!Although ANIMARKT Pitching 2020 will be held offline in Łódź/POLAND, the competition is also open to all stop-motion animation creators who, due to the pandemic, prefer to avoid traveling.Apply & make a presentation from your home! Meet with experts online, prepare for your pitch session and win superb prizes!The deadline for submissions is 3 August.More details: today:

Tags: #animation, #pitching, #stopmotion

Pouring platsil 10 too thick

Started by Joseph Brett in CASTING. Last reply by Simon Tytherleigh Jul 30. 5 Replies

Hey all,I've been animating for a while, but have recently started exploring silicone puppets, which is a whole world out of my comfort zone.One thing I keep coming up against when casting with Platsil 10, is the high viscosity causing a lot of air bubbles when pouring into smaller moulds. For more detail: I'm using a 2 part plaster mould taken from a clay sculpt. I paint in the first layer of silicone, lay in a wooden skull/block with rod for the neck, before closing the mould and pour the rest through the neckline.I've seen people using lighter fluid for thinning platsil to paint with, but am I right in thinking this would be a bad technique for using with a mould as the lighter fluid would have nowhere to evaporate too, and possibly interfere with the initial skin layer that's been painted on first?Any help or advice would be much appreciated!Continue

Tags: pouring, casting, silicone, platsil

How To Get IGNOU MAPC Project

Started by kris martin in STOPMO NEWBIES Jul 30. 0 Replies

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I need help

Started by Calvin Carl Bond in ANIMATOR TALK. Last reply by zara bhatti Jul 30. 6 Replies

Hey, everyone, I am sorta new here but I have a question! So I have been doing stopmotion for a while but I have never figured out how to stop light flicker! I mean I have tried everything, I got 2 led lamps, I blocked out all other lamps and then I also make sure I am wearing a black shirt when doing stopmotion but still the light flicker persists! So I am using stopmotion studio on PC which I know, it isn't as good as phone but this is what I got. So I don't know what I am doing wrong please help me whoever reads this.Continue

Tags: INEEDHELP, Flicker, Lighting

Please Introduce Yourself

Started by Anthony Scott in CHAT BOARD. Last reply by Silver Jul 30. 561 Replies

Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.Continue

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