Stopmo Jam 4


Deadline is still August 21, 2022. However, if you need an extra week to get it done, msg me at my Inbox and let me know. I will be editing the Jams together and working on the Credits, etc. 

If you have already sent in your Jam, please double check to make sure you sent me your Credits. I think I am missing a few. See Below for more info.

STOPMO JAM 4 Entries: Please upload your final movies to WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc and send the link to my Inbox. Include the Title and your Name in File Name. Example: A_Voodoo_Boo_Boo.William_Pakyntein.mp4 (or .mov) Also, send a complete listing of your credits as seen in this example from Stopmo Jam HALLOWEEN.

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11 hours ago
Steve Copeland left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
""The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." - Leo Tolstoy
At this point I have neither. I'm editing as fast as I can go to try and turn this train wreck into a watchable moment. I should be able to make the deadline, I just won't be a…"
15 hours ago
Tony Mitton left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"I had really wanted to particaate in this but I got really far behind. I had been trying to get this 1965 Dodge Dart running all summer. I think it's pretty much impossible for me to finish it now but I'm going to try anyway. If I don't make it,…"
Dave Cooley posted a photo in STOPMO JAM 4
Looks like I'm back on board! My calendar still had the July deadline on it so I panicked when I was injured. I was probably 2/3 finished at the time so I can finish the rest before Aug. 21.Photo is a lighting test for a shot I expect to finish…
Anthony Scott left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"Good luck with the Job hunt!"
Aug 7
David Tomasiewicz left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"I'll have to bow out of this one. I've been spending most of my time looking for my first post-graduate job, and it's taking more time out of my animation than I had originally anticipated.
I do look forward to seeing everyone's work!"
Aug 7
Anthony Scott left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"Sorry to hear but completely understand. I am sure there will be another Jam in the Future."
Aug 7
Peggy Bourgeois left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"Unfortunately not going to make it for this jam, life keeps getting in the way. I look forward to seeing all of the ideas and animation everyone has come up with."
Aug 6
Anthony Scott left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"send final Jam links to WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc and any credits to my Inbox here:"
Aug 5
Anthony Scott left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"In addition to including your Jam Title and your name in the Movie File. Also please send me any credits you would like me to include. Sound, Music, etc."
Aug 5
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Anthony Scott left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"Good luck with finishing. I think many of us can relate! (Yes me too.)"
Aug 2
Anita Jo left a comment on STOPMO JAM 4
"Wow! Congrats to people who have submitted their jams!! I’m caught in delays … yes I said delays … life, work alas finally got sick with Covid. Either way, I’m such a super inexperienced newbie, after covering my armature fully I realized I did it…"
Aug 1

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