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This is the first time I have started a post in the new website so I hope I am doing this right. 

Avery Guerra has been following my film for quite some time and he is in charge of a few websites covering B-movies and Japanese monster movies. When he became involved with the B-Movie Celebration he asked me if I could supply him with a trailer of my film as he knew I didn't have my film ready to screen. It is being held in Columbus, Indiana next weekend September 14th to the 16th. I am cutting it close as I just finished the scene I most wanted in the trailer.

Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you that the script was written in 1999 when Avatar was just a whisper and absolutely nothing was known about it. It was more of an inspiration. When I went to a film convention that Jim Danforth attended, he showed some films of animations he had done and one was an 8 legged horse-like creature. I told myself one day I will put something like that in a film. So instead of an 8 legged horse I came up with a 6 legged horse, 2 less legs to build and animate. However, when I saw Avatar I knew everyone will think I got my idea of my horse from that movie, which is not true.

Tomorrow, sometime, I will post a picture of the horse in the trailer.

I don't know when it will be screened at the B-Movie Celebration, but this will be the first public performance of anything from my film. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend. After the event I will post the trailer either on my website or on youtube.

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Larry, I honestly cannot praise your efforts enough. Those of us who make the effort to keep Dynamation alive are extremely few but, I believe that we are on the cutting edge of a revival that's long overdue.

You've done what is obviously an amazing amount of work and probably with very little help - because you have a vision and a dream that the world says 'cannot be done'... but you're DOING IT. You are proving that it can in fact be done and that is a fact that the world of independent film making needs to hear!

Back when I joined this website (7 years ago?) the art of Stop Motion was considered to be DEAD and CGI was the method that would be used for animated films for the rest of all time... I'm proud to be among the dreamers who proved THAT particular aspect to be untrue and completely false. I hope to be among those who will prove that the days of realistic stop motion special effects (aka Dynamation) is also NOT DEAD!

GALACTIC RAIDERS is yet another sign that the desire and love for this artform will rise again and you deserve as many Thank Yous as I can muster for doing all that you've done in this effort. I'm really excited to see this coming to fruition!!!

I'm well known for disliking TOO MUCH motion blur on stop motion FX...but a little is fine...I guess...

Can't wait to see the whole film, and also hope with Ron and others that this is part of a stop mo FX revival...I know it kicks me in the pants to keep fighting for my own epics completion.
We actually shot 3 live action scenes a week ago! So...progress being made here too!

Again, way to go Larry! This is inspirational!

I have to back up something Ron said. You deserve a lot of praise for the work you are doing. I would like to see more Dynamation. I hate CG! I did not like Avatar at all. Stop motion is my thing. I like to see real things and not computer generated stuff. I have not seen enough movies  to be able to say that none of it can compare with the real thing. But, what I have seen, is slick looking characters. They are just too perfect to be real. The thing about Dynamation is that you have a REAL puppet. I hope that we can see a big come back with Dynamation. I hope the studios get tired of all those computer worlds. Keep up the good work!

Keith - To be clear, the main reason I continue to love and support Dynamation isn't because it's superior to CGI in any way, it's for the same reasons I never want to see the playing of acoustic instruments replaced by sound sampling and completely synthetically produced music and I never want to see paintings replaced by computer paint applications...

The tangible hand crafted arts hold a unique position among the modern artforms, a purely Human method of creating them that cannot be surpassed or replaced by technology, simply because by definition, that destroys what it is by it's very nature. Those among us who deeply appreciate the hand crafted arts appreciate them for that very reason.

Stop motion has remained standing despite a decade of CGI revolution that nearly drove all visual arts to the brink of extinction... but the physical arts withstood that challenge. Despite a relentless assault on the hand crafted arts in an effort to completely eliminate them, CGI artists have failed to erase the need people have to see what Humans can do with their hands.

Dynamation is the last element of the stop motion world yet to be resurrected from the scrap-heap of nearly driven extinct artforms. (along with miniature photography for space ships and similar things) The effort to bring it back is a Herculean task because the few of us who are attempting it are doing so against great odds and a lot of push-back by those who are telling us that we are 'just dreaming' and are 'in love with a bygone era' and we are saddled with the incredible task of proving them wrong. 


That was very well put - thanks for keeping that torch burning!

To take on the task of proving the mainstream film world wrong about what can still or NOW be done with stop motion is a daunting task, so I say;If we just make films WE like, I believe there will be enough people that will like them as well to make a small (or hopefully large) niche in the film marketplace. I personally don't care what other people think..I'm gonna make my movie(s) with the techniques and "look" that have always inspired me. The CGI look has never inspired me. It's a good analogy to compare acoustic music with electronica....Today there are huge followings of both and everything in-between, and I think film can be the same. So since making a film or even doing part of what makes one is very difficult in itself I think we should not burden ourselves with thoughts of swimming upstream or proving the world wrong...Just do our thing with passion and it will show through and the right people will get it, feel it, or whatever...On the other hand; YEAH!, lets kick dirt in their eyes and make 'em apologize for calling us throwbacks, and anachronistic neanderthals!

GO STAN!!!  :)

BTW-Ron has is Sinbad going. I can't wait to see that. What is your time frame on completion. Hopefully, it is not like mine.

On the subject of motion blurs, the scenes that have the most are the chase scenes with the 6-legged horse and the Vorax, the toothy T-rex guy, that I chose for the trailer. So not everything has blurs.

Just found this thread. I must say I am very excited about this project. The trailer was very well done. Not only was the stop-motion well executed, the acting and production were top notch as well. Keep up posted and thanks for sharing. Dynamation lives!

Thank you so much. We'll see how the next year goes. I still have the remaining live action to shoot.

I'm eagerly anticipating the Sinbad film too. I just can't figure out why someone would say this "NEWS: Director putting finishing touches on brand new exciting teaser!! Stay tuned everyone! We thank you for your support on Sinbad!" back in August and here it is the beginning of October and still nothing new.


Larry Arpin said:

BTW-Ron has is Sinbad going. I can't wait to see that. What is your time frame on completion. Hopefully, it is not like mine.

Not really defending anyone but working on a low budget film you 'hope' for things to happen but some times things get in the way like running out of money or trying to make a living and such things like that. But now I've learned to hold off on any promises and hope for the best. I was asked to supply some kind of footage or trailer for the B-Movie Celebration and, fortunately, I already had a trailer ready but wanted to replace some scenes and one piece of music.

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