Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.

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hi !

i'm interested in all forms of making of animated dolls, puppets, autonomous robots...

basically, i'm here because i'm veeery curious. :)

Hahahahaha If there's one place that is going to get a reaction. 

The Mrs works for the owners of Titan Books/Forbidden Planet who are good friends with Ray. First call on the day she started the job, he phoned to confirm a dinner date. In the process of transferring the call she disconnected him! She was devastated but he called back and found it all quite amusing.

She's spoken to him many times since and confirms he's as lovely as we all imagine.

I've not yet managed to blag an invite myself and would probably spontaneously combust if I did.

Mister Warren said:

Hello There,

I'm a white collar worker by day, musician/animator by night. Right now I'm working on my forth short. Well not right now. Right now I'm at work minimising this page everytime my boss approaches!!!

Great to be part of this community.

Claim to fame: My wife once hung up on Harryhausen.

That's right! :) *it's a small world after alllll*

MarikeV said:

I went to art school when I was 18 (same school as Bianca I believe, Bianca zat jij niet bij Elly in de klas?) with the intention to become a graphic designer, but the animation department seemed so much more fun! 

Hi all, I'm a sophomore in college, trying to get a BFA.  I've always been really interested in 2D and stopmo animation, as well as video game art and comic illustration.  I ran into this site a while ago and thought it seemed like an excellent source of information, and wow...I feel like one of those touristy kids at an anime con for the very first time: so cool and yet so overwhelming!  I hope you all can help me out in getting past "n00b stage" with stopmo, and maybe I can help out someone too!  Yay, teamwork!

Nice to meet you guys,

My name is Sean. I run a very small production company and still see my self as learning. I am currently working on a personal project that will be stop motion. This is my first stop motion and am currently working on the puppets.

Hello im not a beginner at stop motions. Lately I've been using legos and have made some funny films on youtube . My Channel is Called Bricksand8balls. Im here mainly to learn new techniques and i hope u get a chance to see my vids and in the near future i hope to start using clay or cardbourd.

Hi I'm John and I play and record music. I was interested in making music videos for some of my tracks, which I have been told have a film quality. I discovered stop motion software for my iPad which made the process relatively painless and thought I would give it a go. I did enjoy the creative process, so I will probably be making another...

Angus Lamont

Born in Glasgow

Intro to stop motion: The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Aim: To become a professional stop motion animator. Leaving high school next year to hopefully get into a course.

Hello, My name is Hasani Walker (also known by Jeremy Walker, but I prefer to go by Hasani, easier to find me by).  I've actually been on this site for a week or more and just now noticed the introduce yourself area.  Anyway,I've been interested in stop motion since I was about 9 or 10.  At that age I started an apprenticeship with an airbrush artist who taught me how to paint and to write stories and create characters.  He took me on as his apprentice after seeing how interested I was in sculpting.  Sculpting with clay is something I've done for as long as I can remember and watching stop motion shows and Christmas specials was always amazing.  It was the work of Henry Selick that really got me motivated to start planning a film.  I started storyboarding and sketching designs, and though I couldn't get everything to film for years, I kept working and finally 6 years later I made my first stop motion film.  It was a 13 minute film based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".  I finished it in October with enough time to air it to my school on Friday the 13th.  After that I pursued a further education in animation by continuing to make shorts and reading everything I could on stop motion and animation (listening to Director Commentary on DVDs also become a habit).  Along with Henry Selick I found great inspiration in the film works of Don Bluth, Brad bird, the Coen brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson and others.  With these influences I wrote a number of stories ( I have folders full of sketches, drafts, and plans for many projects) and hoped someday to create animations with all the subtlety and feel story-wise of a live action film.  With these aspirations I went on to receive my Bachelors in animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix where I learned from instructors who worked with Don Bluth and ILM.  I also continued my work in stop motion and quickly became the go to student for stop motion at the school and I still go there to give lectures once in a while.  after graduating I went on to doing freelance work and working on my own projects with the help of people like composer Ego Plum who's worked with Danny Elfman and Nickelodeon on shows like "Making Fiends".  While I do this I continue looking for a more permanent studio I can work at and continue learning and using my skills.

I currently live in Phoenix Arizona, but I'm actively looking to relocate to a place with better opportunities in my field.

Hasani Walker

Hello My name is katty! i am a junior studying art. I aspire to work in the animation industry. Stop motion in particular has always caught my interest. I have played around with stop motion making short clips, but i would like to evolve my skills and improve the quality of my short films. what i enjoy the most about stop motion is that it's the perfect fusion of art and film (my two favorite things). I want to create a stop motion movie or a show with based on a personal original story. :3

Hey everyone, my name is Meki, I have been interested in stop-motion since i can remember. I have  been studying every resource I can find on this art and now it as an all consuming hobby. I just wish there were people in my area to collaborate with and bounce ideas off of, luckily I found this great site so here I go.....

Hi guys! and girls! :D

I'm Josip, but everyone call me Joza, as a nickname. I come from European country Croatia and I'm a  big fan of animation in general, especially stop motion which really caught my interest in recent time. I've made my first stop motion video as a final assignment at my University, it's posted in Videos section so check it out 

I would like to make stop motion animation a big hobby of mine, so I'm getting a lot of books and online videos to learn as much as I can. Your site helped me a lot as I'm a newbie still, so stay cool and informative as you are and LET'S GET ANIMATED 

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