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I'm Bernardo, Portuguese.

I'm 25 and not very good with intros...

Design, sculpting and illustration have always been major in my life, so stop-motion felt like a next step... 

Hello everyone. I've always been atrracted to film-making, animation and stop motion. From King-Kong to Rudolph to Star Wars to The Nightmare before Christmas. I had been preparing to film a short this year when suddenly I put my project on hold and decided to go in to Stop Motion.

                                                          It's wonderful to see such a great community.

Greetings! Grecodan, here, as I was, there, on the old site. Commas aside, I'm a boring ol' writer type living beneath the smogberry trees in Pasadena, California. The usual adolescent biography applies: saw the 1974 re-release of 7th Voyage of Sinbad at the glorious Capitol Theater in Yakima, Washington and have been walking with my arms scrunched up, elbows pointed back, ever since. The Harryhausen fanboy/stalker thing has kept me going for decades. Started with 8mm epics, yadda yadda yadda, college, blah blah, left the hobby behind for 30 years while forging a career at Disney Imagineering and beyond, blugga blugga blertle blet, couple of novels, (see shameless plug, below), then...back to stopmo! Finished my first film in a couple of decades this year, and am now working on a new one. Haven't quite got the hang of this here newfangled site with its fancy gewgaws and what-not, but enjoyed the old one and will eventually figure this one out.

Gosh, that was lengthy, wasn't it? I get paid by the word. (Fancy segue...) Check out some of my other words




Keep pushing those puppets!

k, so it;s been a while since i've been here and it's all social media-ry and new, thought i'd better get back on the horse.

Living in Darwin, NT, Aus and pushing puppets in the tropics means that it's no hotter outside your studio than in!

Not many animators up here so looking forward to swapping all the info i can.

Hi all,

I am a recent graduate of a media production program and am working on my M.S. in communications at the moment (very time consuming). I am currently trying to get into the world of production and hope to one day to work in animation. I have always been interested in stop-motion animation since I was very young...the adventures of Mark Twain and rudolph were some of the first stop-motion films I came across and have been fascinated ever since.  I created my first stop-motion short as an undergrad and finally have purchased some equipment and hope to start on creating some more animations very soon. This is a great site and I am sure it will help me tremendously as I learn more and more about the art of stop-motion animation. 

It's nice to have found such a dedicated website to this art form.... glad to be a part of it.

Hi all, my name's Hugo and I'm 23. I live in France where I study Cinema.
I've already done some claymation, pixilation and now I'm trying animation with armatures, latex, and stuff like that.
I found this website really useful and inspiring so keep up the good work.

Hi everyone,

My name is Miguel Alvarez. I am a freelance graphic designer I used to read a lot of the old website a few years ago. 

At the moment I am collaborating in a stop motion short story called "cerdos no son caballos" that is being created in Ribadavia, Spain. You can have a look at the blog here:

I am going to move to Tempe, Arizona for a three month period starting the 8th of September until the 8th of december 2012. I would love to do animation related activities or courses, so  I would be very grateful if stopmotioners living in Arizona could point me any workshops or character creation courses.

I would love also to collaborate in any possible way to animation projects created in the Phoenix area, or even motion graphics projects. Even if they are small or there is no budget at all.

Thank you very much and keep your frames going

Kind regards

Miguel Alvarez

Really nice to read all those introductions! 

I am Marike, 29, from Holland.

I went to art school when I was 18 (same school as Bianca I believe, Bianca zat jij niet bij Elly in de klas?) with the intention to become a graphic designer, but the animation department seemed so much more fun! Stop motion was soon my favorite technique; I could build stuff, didn't have to sit behind a computer all day, make some crappy sets with loads of gaffer tape and glue to hold it all together, and this set could still look sort of decent when you put some nice lights and a camera on it. Awesome!

Right now I am working as a freelancer, mainly in Holland and sometimes in Belgium. I have to do lots of computer stuff too to pay my bills, which is fine. I would love to do more stop motion work, and less computer animation but around here that's hard. I wouldn't mind moving though, I'm just not sure yet where to and/or how to organize a thing like that.

In my spare time I work on my own projects, making short animations, trying out new ideas, building stuff out of wire.

Hello everyone, I'm Sean (Shakycow on the old site).

In my youth, I wanted to be a horror make-up creator. I spent all my free time reading behind-the-scene magazines, learning about make-up and latex, and scaring everyone I could (or being the only fully bearded 12 year old in town). Unfortunately, by the time I was finishing high school, the horror industry all but collapsed (early 90's due to over-saturation) and CG was taking over the world (most in part due to T2 and Jurassic Park). I quickly changed my focus to computer art, received a degree, and tried my luck in the world as a computer animator.

After (yet another) company I was working for went under, I decided to return to school. It was then where I was reminded how much I actually enjoy touching art. I hadn't drawn, sculpted or painted in so long and it was an amazing awakening. I knew I didn't want to ever return to sitting 12-16 hours a day in front of a computer ever again.

While I was always a fan of stop-motion work and a lover of all things animated, this was the first time I had actually considered it as a true interest and, looking back on where I came from and almost going full circle, I feel this is where I truly belong.

Now, armed with the knowledge and friendships I've acquired from this (and similar) sites, I'm hoping to find true calling and find my way into this amazing industry.

Hi All,  Just another animation addict   looking forward to this site, cheers for now.


My name is Gerard. I'm an amateur animator from Holland. My main thing is all about telling short stories, doing experiments and animate interesting persona.

I started out in 2007 with some small experiments with my new digital camera. My most watched clip on the internet until now :) comes form this year, its called Hamlets Egg.

I work as a freelance consult towards innovation and marketing, quite another ballgame. For animation I don't have to much time, normally I like to do one big project and 1 or 2 smaller ones in 1 year. The reason I like stop motion animation very much is that I think its magical when something inanimate comes alive on the screen. Asides stop motion animation I like to draw, watercolour paint, sing opera, act and do research; yes quite a busy guy Luckily my girlfriend brings some balance in it all

My goal is to become better and better in stop motion animation. I buy and read a lot of books concerning animating, filming, story boarding, lighting etc. Which I enjoy very much.

I get my inspiration form theatre plays, comics, movies and art. The latter made me do an experiment around Mondrian:

If you want to see all my videos watch my Youtube channel or join my Vimeo Claymation group. On I hope to find knowledge and inspiration, I will try to bring enthusiasm and ideas.

Gerard (aka DoubleG Animation Productions)


Greetings, all!

I am a 48 year old, children's book illustrator and historical artist ( who has spent his whole life wanting to try his hand at stop-motion and just recently realized he could do it with a DSLR.

I posted my first attempts on the old forum, and with your forgiveness will do so again here.

I will be shooting my first serious attempt at stop-mo in two weeks, a short with the working title of "Mr. Geister's Goblin".

I am so thankful for all the tips and suggestions folks here have been willing to share - what a great community!

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