Use this space to tell everyone about yourself and your interest in stop motion animation.

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My name is Gerard. I'm an amateur animator from Holland. My main thing is all about telling short stories, doing experiments and animate interesting persona.

I started out in 2007 with some small experiments with my new digital camera. My most watched clip on the internet until now :) comes form this year, its called Hamlets Egg.

I work as a freelance consult towards innovation and marketing, quite another ballgame. For animation I don't have to much time, normally I like to do one big project and 1 or 2 smaller ones in 1 year. The reason I like stop motion animation very much is that I think its magical when something inanimate comes alive on the screen. Asides stop motion animation I like to draw, watercolour paint, sing opera, act and do research; yes quite a busy guy Luckily my girlfriend brings some balance in it all

My goal is to become better and better in stop motion animation. I buy and read a lot of books concerning animating, filming, story boarding, lighting etc. Which I enjoy very much.

I get my inspiration form theatre plays, comics, movies and art. The latter made me do an experiment around Mondrian:

If you want to see all my videos watch my Youtube channel or join my Vimeo Claymation group. On I hope to find knowledge and inspiration, I will try to bring enthusiasm and ideas.

Gerard (aka DoubleG Animation Productions)


Greetings, all!

I am a 48 year old, children's book illustrator and historical artist ( who has spent his whole life wanting to try his hand at stop-motion and just recently realized he could do it with a DSLR.

I posted my first attempts on the old forum, and with your forgiveness will do so again here.

I will be shooting my first serious attempt at stop-mo in two weeks, a short with the working title of "Mr. Geister's Goblin".

I am so thankful for all the tips and suggestions folks here have been willing to share - what a great community!

Hola   Pleased to meet you all !

My name is Diego De la Rocha, Animator that just turned 21, and I graduated in January from Vancouver Film School from the 3D Animation and Visual Effects program specializing in Animation

..... while I still love CG or any other form of animation, while doing my final thesis short-film at school, the little 9 year old boy (or so cause I don't remember exactly how old I was) came back to my brain and shouted YOU LIKE STOP-MOTION....when I was that boy, I remember loving, pingu and those aardman shorts of purple and brown.. and one day thanks to the naiveness of my brother and I convinced my dad to buy a video camera we kind of knew we had to shoot a picture and then the next one but never quite got the concept right to understand all we needed was a normal photo camera, for a whole day we tried miserably to shoot some calymation but failed...

Ever since I bailed on animation (never stopped watching it though) and while at high-school, where I was convinced I wanted to do videogames, but again me being naive didn't realize that I hated coding, and what I really enjoyed from videogames was the visual stories, I got into a studio for a year back in Mexico where I studied fundamentals of CG and started getting the love back for animation, and thought there might be a future (I was the worst of the class by the way :). but i loved doing it and put in all my effort) After that and a great failure on my final project at that studio, I left to backpack on Asia to breathe and find perspective, fully recharged I got back from the trip into Vancouver Film School ...

I started studying CG again, and that brings us back to when that boy yelled at me while doing my final short-film "Think Brilliance". I was deep months in the middle of production and my character's digital rig exploded and I was left without model and no more time left, so I got this awesome but scary idea.. what if I was to treat my character as if it was made out of clay and just screw the rig and sculpt frame by frame, I pitched the idea to the mentors... and even though they were hesitant of the workflow (as much as I was) they were very supportive and there's where the love for Stop-Motion came back, I started researching all I could on it (here's where i found to see how to tackle it, and even ended up doing the opening sequence of the film in this awesome medium (it was meant to be done in after effects, I'm so happy it didn't)... happily this project worked out at the end. you can take a look here

Ever since, I've been trying to absorb as much info on the area and currently about to start production on a stop-motion short for Ribbit Ribbit Studios and hope to learn a lot from it. I love all types of animation, but my heart is in the old craft of stop-mo 

I'm super happy to have found this place and thank you all for the constant information and love for this craft and hope to also share whatever I can  


Hi, Tony Perry here. I joined the site after reading some of the excellent topics on the forum. I am completely new to stop motion and am in the process of making my own short film. Not been this inspired for a long while, so much to read and learn ,so many sets and puppets to build. I started about 40 years too late so lots to cram in. Great site and great resource for newbies like me . Long may it continue.


we're new , my son and i have joined up in the hope that we can gain some inspiration\skills and ideas to help us make some fun the moment every thing we make seems to end up involving one of the puppets getting mutilated


hi All

My real name is Tony and I work full time at the Royal Opera House making hats, jewellery and costume props.

I have been fan of stop motion for over 40 years,  Jason and the Argonauts was my life changer. along with Morph. I always thought that the process was out of my league but in 2008 I found the old site and was hooked. I started to make puppets and sets earnestly, drawing from excellent advice and instruction from this community.  Due to life getting in the way I kind of disappeared for a couple of years, though I always checked in here to see what was going on. This summer I decided I wanted get stuck in again and built a new puppet. I get so much joy from this medium it a bit like playing God.

I have also made a CNC machine from parts found in a skip and built electronics circuits from plans found on the web.

My strengths are modal making and fabrication

My weakness is story writing and sticking to a plan dyslexia! 

.I loved the old site and the new one looks like its going to be so much better.

Hello, I've joined because I am a model maker 1st & an animator second...I would like to change that. In the late 90's I worked on a film project at the Indianapolis Childrens Museum (Largest Children's Museum in the world)...(A plug for Indy).It was called "Reel Time".Am currently working on a short currently called "Awakening". Finish time 2013.

Ok, my name is Mikael Aronsson, running old now, born 67, been doing stop motion since I was a kid with legos and clay, super 8, 16mm, web cams and so on, the idea at the moment is a 5-10 minute movie shot with a DSLR but it's a long way to go, I have managed to arrange with a spare room in the basement and setup a blog at (I hope that's ok to put here ?)

I have ordered a couple of armatures, now I just have to put some skin on them,,,

That's about it I guess.

Hello There,

I'm a white collar worker by day, musician/animator by night. Right now I'm working on my forth short. Well not right now. Right now I'm at work minimising this page everytime my boss approaches!!!

Great to be part of this community.

Claim to fame: My wife once hung up on Harryhausen.

Do tell!

Mister Warren said:

Claim to fame: My wife once hung up on Harryhausen.

Hello! My name is Abby... I just started my first year in college. My biggest dream has always been to make stop motion films! In my spare time I make figures out of sculptey and I watch a lot of movies! 

I can't wait to learn more about how stop motion animation is formed and view the ideas that people bring to this site!

Thanks for reading!


For heaven's sake don't leave us in the dark!!!

grecodan said:

Do tell!

Mister Warren said:

Claim to fame: My wife once hung up on Harryhausen.

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