STOPMO JAM 4 Behind the Scenes!

Post your behind the scenes photos here. I took a couple of snaps from the Robot Dance Title sequence. I made the puppet out of Sculpey and Armature wire in about a week. Animation took 5 days and Rig removal took about the same. It was very last minute as I was extended on Pinocchio by 6 weeks which cut into my time a bit, but I got 'er done! Please feel free to post your pics and share your experience.


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  •  Is there somewhere I can see the result?
    of these animation tests?

    • They are scenes from the movie "Stopmo Jam 4". You have the link in "Home" tab at the right. 

  • The "Behind the scenes" from my jam "Jupiter":

    • Hey Antonio, I really enjoyed watching your bts of your jam.. and seeing how you put it all together.. thanks for sharing.. and I'm impressed with the finished effect.. 

    • Thanks lot, James!

  • About stopmojam, I always make the same mistake, I plan scenes too large, and after I must cut it painfuly to 20 seconds. This time, I did a extended version of my jam "Jupiter" with correct timing for people can understand what's going on and can enjoy the landscape.
    I'm conscious that is my mistake and will try to plan a shorter scene in next versions of stopmojam.
    "Jupiter" extended:


  • Storm Warning was originally called Milk Run and I keep a spreadsheet of time spent and it was over 442 hours. I spent 134 of those hours on three props, 38 hours on the hover board, 52 hours on the robot, and 44 hours on the milk machine. These props were all modeled in a software called Blender and then 3D printed on a Elegoo Mars resin printer or on a Elegoo Neptune FDM printer. The set was foam glued to a board then covered with plaster then covered with cat litter and white glue and finally painted with automative red primer. The Jib crane was a file I purchased, modified and printed. It took a lot of time to build, and adjust and in the end I couldn't get it to do what I wanted and cut the shots from the project. Here are a few behind the scene shots.

    Planet Kitty Litter

    10832766092?profile=originalHoverboard light test


    Milk machine nearly finished10832771299?profile=original

    Jib Crane on a dolly with (2) 3D printed winders10832774694?profile=originalFirst shot of animation

    10832775480?profile=originalSecret QR code that goes to my Youtube channel. You have to pause on the exact frame to get it to work


    • Hey Steve, thanks for sharing.. love looking at bts of other projects than my own.. interesting.. lot of hours in it.. I don't know how much I clocked on mine over 5/6months.. it's surprising how much time goes into doing this though.. the props do seem to take the longest to build.. I had a shock this year the amount of time I spend building my set.. first time.. you were saying you had problems with the 3d printed rig is it.. and couldn't get it to do what you needed.. I had similar issues with a slider and pan head I bought to do the opening obscurity shot and didn't end up using it.. send it back.. but lots of testing.. but that looks like you spend alot of time there printing and building that.. you seem to have a nice big space there to...  

    • I had planned on creating a behind the scene film with Dragon Frames new multi camera feature but got into too much of a rush.

      My kids are all grown and out of the house so I have taken over the entire basement, about 270 sqft., all for hobby stuff (model building, 3D printing etc.) Not the biggest space but then only 30 years ago I used a utility closet as my "studio" for my painting. I keep a spreadsheet log of any "art" stuff I do. Helps with a bad memory and is part of the fun. The jib crane did what it was supposed to do, be cheap and hold the camera, and even though I spent a month testing to get the shots I wanted, I needed to spend two months or maybe three.


    • Yeah I fancy upgrading now to DF5 for the multi camera features..   I watched:

      didn't even know that was available..    looks cool.. although more cost outlay on new cameras... 

      I should do the spreadsheet log thing.. my memory is shite..   wow that's awesome space wish I had more space here.. I got an outbuilding 6xmtrs x 4xmtrs.. but also use it for cinema room.. but in winter it's too expencive to use the electric wall heaters to heat that space.. so I dedicated the front room of my flat.. which would have been the bedroom into the studio for animation, it gives me a 6xft x 4xft set to work on, with enough room all the way around for access and for the green screen behind.. suppose to be all the way around, but didn't finish that.. expencive to buy the aluminium tubes for the roller blinds etc.. I was going to turn my living room spaxce into the craft room next.. but I have to keep a space just to live and chill, switch off when I'm not in the mood to do animation.. I wish I could live it every minute.. but it doens't quite work like that does it.. mood is funny thing..  and there's always so much distraction or other values or responsibilities going on in our lives.. competing for our time and attention.. 

      jib crane.. what that wasn't a slider then.. is it just instead of using a tripod is it.. why not just use a cheap tripod then?  


      yeah there's so much time required just to test out these things, I'm learning that myself... 


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