Vancouver, BC

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  • Hi Tim,

    Thank you very much for your message.  Have you gotten things set up there?  I have a friend named Alicia who set up a stop mo outfit downtown, and one time David Bowes and Lisa Jane Grey had something going too. 

  • i live in toronto now.  i used to live in Vancouver. whats going on there? Are you working on anything?

  • Thanks for the compliment. I've been a stopmo fan for approximately 38 years, so I guess you accumulate a little knowledge over time, even if I don't actually practice the art very often. Good luck on your projects! (BTW, my avatar is a she! She's Graziella, the star of my last production...which was also the first bit of animation I've done in 30 years.)

  • Pardon! En plus je t'ai écris en anglais, alors que tu m'as écris en français. Ta grammaire est très bonne! continue!!! :)
    J'attends ton email! Merci!!

  • Thanks a lot for your message.

    please write me here: else@lesdiscrets.com if you don't mind. Will be easier for me to answer you. :)

  • Thanks! Ever evolving the characters. little by little.
  • Lived in Van for a pretty long time. I moved to London 2 years ago but am movin back to BC in the spring. Your from Vancouver! good to see some people doin stop motion there Bowes just is not holding it down.

  • Hi, and thanks for the friend request! We're all of a kind here, and it's great to get to know new passionate artists.

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