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Oct 20, 2022

The great tales of Africa meet the great literatures of the world: that is how this YA novel can be described. Can one imagine a situation in which the setting for The Little Prince becomes a setting for yet a narrative, and the Groke of the Moomin tales becomes a protagonist in an apocalyptic war? In plot movement, the animals journey from Africa to the Arctic circle to visit one of their friends there, but they find him buried in ice. Something terrible has happened to him and is about to happen to the whole world too. Can these braves join together to avert the catastrophe? This is indeed a unifying super myth touching on all the great myths of the world from ancient and contemporary Africa, Europe, America, Asia and the Bible.
It is a tale of war adventure, mystery, quest, romance and philosophical treatise all rolled into one. It is rich in themes that are of interest to young adults, like love, adventure, friendship and cooperation. Moreover, all the great tools of literature have been used to give this story a unique power and wit; poetry, drama, philosophy, life strategies and love of nature suffuse its plot.

_ Adrian Onyando –

Staring Portia Chellelynn
#Animagnetics, casting, directed, edited, music & costumes & wardrobes by John E. WordSlinger as Giant Lolwe & Apul Apul (Time Colonel Wormholz)
Nature video footage by Adrian Onyando & John E. WordSlinger (Kenya, & Illinois, U.S.A.) Whirlwind the Wanderer by Cody. Mountains by HL. Puppeteers: Christopher (Camera Man/Location Scout/Motion Engineer), Tim, WordSlinger Assistants: Patrick, Wayne, Jimmy, Pops, Tata & Byrdie Additional footage by – SFX, freesound.ord,,,,,,,,,,, &

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