Idea for StopMo Jam 4 Title

Here's an animatic I threw together on my iPad using Procreate (to sketch out) and LumaFusion (to edit). Animatics are a good, quick way to pre-visualize your film, and experiment with timings and composition. 



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  • I like it. You even followed your own rules of "crashing into the camera" for beginning and end. Will you do paper animation or actually build models?

    I have made four of these projects and each has had an animatic. "Spring Fever" was hand drawn on index cards, "Raptor Run" was roto traced of a running raptor in photoshop then a photo montage of the objects were inserted, "Pepper's Pumpkin" was shot live action, and for my latest science fiction project I created two computer animations and spent about 30 hours on them. The first animation was an animatic for the animatic. Turns out you can get much crazier with computer generated cameras than you can in real life.

    • This is just an idea still. Super helpful for figuring out timings. Currently getting my home stage set up. 

  • Looks like a useful program! I'm still using pencil and paper and a corkboard. I sketch out the shots on 3x5 note cards, which at a 15:9 ratio closely approximate a 16:9 frame. Then I scan them and bring them into Premiere Pro where I can play with timings, etc. (That's the earth at the bottom which I painted as a backdrop).


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