• It is very interesting your idea, Peter, a story like a standard movie with some characters but in every scene, the characters are versioned by every animator. It's more complicated to organize but the result can be awesome. 

  • yeah 6/9 months, even one year would be ideal... alot of us want to do our best and we all learning as we progress .. so need as much time as possible..

    so far my ideas are:

    JAM FLIGHT : Birds, Bugs, Butterfly's, Leaves, Aeroplanes / Helicopters, Drones, theme being movement through flight, through sky..

    JAM WATER or JAM UNDER THE SEA: ( like Mason said ), water, Fish, Shells, Sea Horses, Sharks, Mermaids, Diver, it would be cool and such a challenge to do something under water..

    JAM NANO or TECHNO: the world of micro machines in micro scale, all things small, macro, computer chips, machines..

    JAM CHAT: challenge us to do dialogue / lip sync, one or two characters having a conversation or social commentary .. or one talking on a phone to another, maybe challenge us to have a character or two interacting.. talking and you set the chat theme maybe... maybe do a social commentary on a theme like CREATURE COMFORTS do.. for example where animals talk about their feelings of going to the vets, or the living, working conditions of animals at the zoo..

    JAM JUNGLE.. all things trees ( I have yet to do a tree, I think you could dedicate a Jam just to trees ) all bush, animals, monkeys, bugs..

    JAM GOD, if you want to get serious lol deep and philosophical.. challenge us to explore our belief / value systems.. do something more meaningful.. less superfiscial, not sure if this is a good idea though if it's for the younger people..

    JAM LIFE CYLE: all things to do with birth, growth, change, life / death, babies being born, stages of growth.. challenge us to show some kind of time lapse or snap shot of maybe of life cycles... a glimpse into where we life comes from...

    JAM TIME or JAM TIME LAPSE: clocks, calendars, telescopes, microscopes, all things to do with measurement.. show time passing, things changing, falling, loss, all things moving fast, cars on motorway, people on streets, crowds, ocean waves, night sky stars, moon, but can also work around comedy ideas of time.. rushing, stressing, making mistakes, plenty of opportunities for funny here..

    JAM CAVEMAN: I think it would be hilarious for us to do our own versions of cave men, women, people, cave family, and their pets.. think THE CROODS, or more GOGS, for inspiration here, but pre historic yeah, pre civilisation times, that would be awesome theme I think for all, and I can keep my cave set then lol ;) and keep building on it..

    JAM DANCE or JAM MUSICAL.. all things dance ( like you done Anthony.. cool ) musical theatre ideas, plenty of amazing ref out there, to inspire a dance sequence, although very challenging, and not necessarily easy.. another thing on my bucket list to do..

    JAM HOME: express your ideas of home life, family life, togetherness, or apartness, safety, comfort, a snap shot of domestic life, an abstract feeling of security, whatever home is to you, challenge us to express our own feelings of home... could be a scene of a character on sofa watching t.v. drinking a cup of tea, cat or dog or whatever vying for attention.. or a mammy with her baby or family sitting around the kitchen table, kids all screaming for food lol whatever...


    JAM HOUSE:  challenge us to be our own architects and build our own ideal homes, this could be cool.. so many ideas of how you could do this, could have a scene of one man out in the wild building his cabin in the woods, or someone building thier home in a crowded street, Noah building his house boat with all his pets lol, a man building a nest in a tree, like gorrilas do, come up with your own dream homes, or could be abstract... 

    just brain storming ideas here off the top of my head...

  • For prepare, the longer the better.

    Some ideas for themes:

    Prehistory, Monsters, Animals, Retrofuturism, Medieval

  • Several months notice is fine. If it gets too long, it gets put off and more involved.


  • "Water" or "Oceans" would be fun. It's a broad theme but has a ton of creative potential. I'm excited to be a part of the next Jam whatever the theme or timeframe. 

  • Something about investigators, cosmic horror (lovecraftian themes), or something about dreams.

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