It's the 30th Anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas! So naturally, Halloween Meets Christmas is the theme for STOPMO JAM 5! Elves Trick or Treating. Werewolves baking Christmas Cookies. Vampires pumpkin caroling. But it's not Tim Burton's vision...It's your take on what would happen if Halloween collided with Christmas. 

So what is a STOPMO JAM?

It is a series of short animated ideas that all relate to the theme. We've done Spring, Run, Halloween and Sci-Fi thus far. 

Puppets can be made of clay, paper, foam, wire, sand, whichever materials you can utilize to create your design but it must be stop motion animated. Sorry no LEGOs, action figures, toys, or store bought items are allowed UNLESS it is modified (painted, covered with paper or clay, etc). The goal is to make a hand-made experimental film. Stop motion puppets, 2d cutouts, sand, painting, all hand-made animation techniques allowed. No transitions this time, I will take care of it.

Once you are completely finished with your Jam, upload it to online storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer and send the link to my INBOX.

If you have any questions, post them below.



Important Technical Requirements!

For your Jam to look its best, please adhere to these guidelines.

Shot Length: up to 20 seconds maximum

Frame Rate: 24 fps (not 23.96, 30 or 29.97

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 @ 1920 x 1080

Finished Animation: export to Quicktime (H264 is good)

Add your own Sound FX and/or music. Make sure you have the rights to it. Better yet, record your own! 

DEADLINE is October 15, 2023. This may seem like a long ways away but for stop motion people, it's just around the corner. Remember, you have to build and animate everything yourself. You could easily spend months just building a puppet. Start thinking of your idea first, once you have nailed it down, get to work. Grab a calendar and plan out a schedule. Give yourself several deadlines to stay on track.

If you have any questions, send me a message thru SMA.com or better yet, reply to this thread. Content must be ok for kids to watch. I reserve the right not to include your animation if it doesn't fit into these guidelines. Go animate!

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    • Happy Animating!
  • Hey ! Thanks for organizing that ! Really hyped.
    By the way, What do you mean by "No transition" ? I don't get it. Does it mean : only one shot ?
    • Good question. In past Jams, there were certain requirements to make the cut between each Jam smoother, like the character had to enter frame at the beginning and exit at the end. Or the camera had to be obscured at the beginning and end. I don't want people to worry about these parameters. I would just like to see some funny ideas with the Halloween/Christmas mashup. I'll come up with a way to cut from one Jam to the other.
    • All right !
  • Can I animate with stop motions studios pro on a phone? Reading some of the points to bear in mind it seemed a camera was needed.
    • If your phone can shoot video at HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, you should be fine to shoot with Stop Motion Studio.
  • How exactly does a stopmo jam work? I am new to this page and do not know what it implies. WOuld love to do it tho!
  • Have you decided on a jam yet? Is it time for a Christmas jam?
    • Yes! it's a Halloween / Christmas Jam to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Nightmare Before Christmas.
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