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What's inside a stop motion animator's toolbox? It's anyone's guess really, but I'll try to identify the essentials. Every Animator uses various tools while animating their puppet. These can consist of sculpting

annotated for stopmotion by Mike Brent


Anybody who's studying animation should learn these principles. They were developed by the Disney animators in the early years, when they were basically forging the artform that we know today as ani

submitted by Mike Brent

Here's a tutorial originally posted by Jason Spyda Adams (son of legendary comic book artist Neal Adams) over at the Sculptors Forum (you need a free registration to read the forum). He uses it for making heads for action figu

submitted by Mike Brent

Here's a nice little mini-tut I just found on the Sculptor's Forum whipped up by master sculptor Erick Sosa with text provided by super-talented up-and-comer Trevor - um, well sorry Trev, I don't know your last name buddy. Thi

written by Anthony Scott

Here is a simple way to get your character off the ground.  Using Foam Core board and Wooden Dowels available at Art Stores and Wood, Bolts, Nuts, and Washers from your local hardware store, you can fabricate this rig fairly

written by Mike Brent

I wanted to get this chapter uploaded, even though all I have so far is a collection of links. We'll be adding to it as time goes by... if anyone knows of any other sites or threads from the message board that should be added, b




By Peter Andrew Montgomery who discovered this way to do no cost Perfect Go-Motion without all the hassle. 


written by Anthony Scott


A simple but effective wire armature for your Stop-Motion puppet.

Things you will need to build it are:

Propoxy 20 or similar material (available at Hardware stores) 
2 narrow bolts, 2 nuts and 2 wingnuts (4/40 is a good siz

written by Marc Spess

Armatures are the support for your new creation. Basically it is the skeleton underneath the clay which will allow you to move your character in small increments for animation. The items you will need are, 1/16th inch aluminum a

written by Mike Brent

The purpose of this thread is to help newcomers determine what kind of clay they need to look for. I'll kick things off, and feel free to add anything else that seems appropriate.

Plasticene is what's generally refer

written by Richard Svensson

The techniques described here are very useful for creating the King Kong-Harryhausen-type monster, dragon, dinosaur, etc –that is, creatures that will be featured with live action scenes and that are supposed to look prett

written by Mike Brent

The purpose of this entry is to help clear up a common misconception. We frequently hear people glibly referring to all stopmotion as CLAYMATION. Claymation(TM) is actually a term coined by Will Vinton to describe the process of

written by Mike Brent

This is just a quick overview with links to more in-depth information, to help newcomers figure out what kind of techniques they might want to persue in their own puppetmaking endeavors. The info and links were collected from al

written by Lionel Ivan Orozco

What is Stop Motion frame grabbing Software? (also sometimes called "frame capturing") It is a computer program which will accept a live image feed from your camcorder or web cam (& "some" digital still cams) which is tr