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  • I hope that a lot of sharing can make a difference. I would really love to see the film, and I know many others would be with me in that.

    Already been sharing it in an international stop motion community on facebook. Whatever there is to say about facebook, it still is a place where spreading goes quick. (I don't know if you are ever on facebook, the group is: SMIC (Sop Motion International Community).

    Thank you for sharing it here. The film clearly deserves a better fate.

  • Thanks for the info. Such a crime how amazing projects like this can get muffled away in a corner when final editing has ruined beautiful footage... Good idea to spread this trailer. I hope enough people will get curious, including more sensible producers... I will help spreading it where I can! :)

  • I've just watched all three of your videos on Vimeo. Wow, they're fantastic! The Space Bus is simply bonkers, if I had to compare the overall aesthetic with anything I'd say it's sort of Moebius Meets Giger, the Bus itself has a wonderfully semi-organic look, the weird planetscape with geometric forms littering the surface, the giant sculptures of eerie skull-like heads, the decidedly odd denizens; all combine to create a disconcerting, dreamlike ambience. My only criticism is this: I wish you had a better camera, that stuff needs showing off in the best possible quality!

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