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  • Hi Roos

    Your Moonbird footage looks so good!

    I am based in the SW of England, and am trying to see if anyone would like to come and assist on my project, which is a Cornish legend in stopmo.

    I have in mind getting one of the more spectacular scenes done over the summer. This would hopefully provide something for a showreel. But, alas,  I cannot offer any money. This is on a shoestring like so many projects.

    If it might interest you at all, please get in touch. My email is: tythers@uwclub.net 

  • thanks very much for the interest. it IS a terrible shame, so much time, money and talent down the drain. youve got to be really careful what producers you work with.

  • hi there, i dont know of any plans to release it on its own. i made this trailer just for myself. ive got a copy of the film before the producer made certain horrible changes to it. meaning terrible cg clouds . maybe it will make its way onto the internet somehow. nudge, nudge, wink, wink. lets wait and see.

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