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  • PS - I just wanted to know if you ever came across it? 

    Re two wind-up characters whose existence or movement relies on each other winding the other one up. 

  • Hi Don - I was last on here trying to find out what happened to a really good minimalist stop motion piece that I originally thought was called Time. It was about two characters stuck in a dingy room and just work and stop/rest from working/typing and don't have much time to know much else. I dont want to give the rest away. Superb concept and message. Short piece. Intelligent and thoughtful animation with no theatricals, violence or monsters. Regard, Karl. 

  • Hey Don, long time no chat. How's the business going?

  • Thank you! Yes it is a combination of latex and sculpy for the eyes.

  • I have not found Caran D'Ache clay in stores, but did see their other art supplies.

    I do know how to modify Van Aken to get the properties you're looking for. Spent a year studying clay formulas and got it down pretty good. I'll send you a private message.

  • Don,
    I used to animate with a clay that is manufactured by Caran d' Ache . It doesn't come in as many colors as the Van Aken brands, its waxy texture holds up much better under hot lights, and it cleans up a lot easier because the dyes in the clay don't run as badly as the other brands .
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