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written by Lionel Ivan Orozco

What is Stop Motion frame grabbing Software? (also sometimes called "frame capturing") It is a computer program which will accept a live image feed from your camcorder or web cam (& "some" digital still cams) which is tr

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written by Mike Brent & Eric Scott

This is a very in-depth and complex subject, and I don’t intend to cover everything... I don’t think that’s even possible! This is just a basic primer, to get you started. Armed with this information, you should ha

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written by Mike Brent

Ok, you’ve found this fantastic site and maybe been reading for a while now, and you’re itchin’ to jump in and ask some questions so you can get that stopmo epic underway. Here are a few simple guidelines to help minimize proble

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written by Anthony Scott


When I was a kid, I used to buy special effects magazines like Starlog and Cinemagic. Whenever there was a photo of a Stop-Motion setup, there would be the animator, the puppet on a miniature set and usually next to the pup

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10" Ball and Socket armature built by Wuchan Kim, a simple wire armature with tie downs in feet, contrasted with a 3" Stikfas toy.


Armatures are key ingredients in Stop Motion Animation.  They are the skeleton of your puppet. Armatures can be extr

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Here is a simple walk test shot with a 3" Stikfas figure on Ones at 12 frames per second. Originally I thought I'd try shooting him on Ones at 24 fps but soon realized that this small 3" toy was not going to give me the fine increments I needed. I in

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Before you start animating, I am going to go over a couple of fundamentals.


The Frame Rate is equal to the number of still frames that are shown when playing an animation for one second. 99% of the time, I work with the frame rate of 24 fr

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Stop Motion is full of limitations. In CG, an animator can scale up or down and/or intersect their character to get the desired pose. Cel animators can draw any pose they imagine by shortening and exaggerating limbs; easily achieving Squash and Stret

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When I was a kid, I was intrigued with the puppet animation featured in the Rankin/Bass holiday specials such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Simultaneously, I was amazed by Ray Harryhausen's creature films, my

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