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  • I just watched this behind the scenes of Aardman
    and it blew my mind. Using stereo camera for extracting depth information and then be able to add multiple layers of hand animated "plates" in post.
    Without any Greenscreen keying or spill to worry about. Crazy!!!
    Given the limited size of my setup (1x1,7 m) and the endless space that my SFI environment calls for, and the lack of Mocap equipment,
    I think I want to try to build a "multiplane" composite in 3D, of hand-sculpted and animated imagery.
    I might not have access to a stereographic camera but I have a phone with which I can make point cloud scans.
    I have no idea how this will turn out, but it could open up for some wild possibilities that is hard to achieve in AE and alike.
    I assure you that everything is going to be made by hand!! Except for some light and camera moves.
    Blender open up - I'm going to feed you some nice stuff!!
    Thought that I would have learned the lesson and kept it simple this time, but I can't help myself.. My ... maybe I do need some professional help!!

    - Better call my friend Lasse the Houdini master - Not the shrink!!
    But first I have to clean up all the mess under the lights and camera. SIGH !
  • Interesting idea Hans...
  • I mentioned cutout as a way to do a collaboration work. The ability to share images and print them out locally gives a lot of possible interaction between participants!! Nice meeting - can't wait for the next one, maybe some show around our setups and workshops - it could be interesting!!
  • Thanks for joining the Chat today. It was good to see (most of) you today. Zoom has an app for the iPhone/Andoroid if that is a better option Dave. I liked Hans' idea about animation Cutouts for StopMo Jam 5 (next time). All the best with completing/starting/continuing your SJ4 projects. Will try to do another chat in a few weeks.
  • I enjoyed today's chat. Next time I'll aim to have something to show!
  • thanks for the call Anthony, great meeting fellow animators
  • Enjoyed hearing and seeing you all, tho I was more of a stalker without a camera or mic to join in. Maybe on the next one I can get set up. Still slogging away on my project. Working with things suspended on wires is much more difficult than I anticipated and I'm having to redo some of it.
  • I will be traveling today and will have to miss the zoom call.
  • Love to participate, but have no camera or mic on my computer.
  • I’m in, please send me the link
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